Is Chris Jericho In WWE 2K23? (How To Unlock)

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho is a top star in AEW but made his name in the United States under Vince McMahon. He has been a mainstay in WWE games from the early days of the N64 and fans will be hoping to see Chris Jericho in WWE 2K23.

With recent speculation of Jon Moxley appearing in WWE 2K23, and the vast amount of DLC included in the game, some AEW stars are rumoured to be part of the revamped WWE game’s roster.

Many strange, non-WWE stars have been included as part of WWE 2K23 DLC. Former WWE stars like Scott Steiner and Zeus have been joined by guest stars including Bad Bunny and Harley Race to round out one of the most star-studded rosters of all time.

The WWE 2K23 roster is ever expanding but is there still room for a former WWE Champion and future WWE Hall of Famer?

Will Chris Jericho be in WWE 2K23?

Chris Jericho in WWE 2K23

Chris Jericho in WWE 2K22 (Source

Chris Jericho won’t be in WWE 2K23 as things stand. While the WWE 2K23 game is full of legendary wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart, including a former AEW Champion in the game may be a step too far.

While fans would love Chris Jericho in WWE 2K22, it is logistically impossible. AEW are set to release their own video game later this year, a Yukes-developed title named AEW Fight Forever.

His inclusion as part of the AEW Video Game Roster means an exclusivity that WWE cannot break. Even classic version of Jericho from his times in WWE, ECW and WCW would not be allowed as Chris Jericho owns his own image rights.

Chris Jericho in WWE 2K23 is an impossibility at this stage, although all is not lost for fans of Le Champion.

Chris Jericho is available to play on WWE 2K23 via download from Community Creations. While his character is fan made, it looks as good as the real thing and comparable to an official in game model.

While he lacks his iconic “Judas” entrance music, you can play his theme through Spotify on the PS4 and PS5 to recreate your favourite Y2J moments in AEW, in WWE 2K23.

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