Adam Page Avoided CM Punk Meeting Before Double Or Nothing

Hamish Woodward

Fightful have reported something today that backs up CM Punk’s point about Adam Page “jeopardising the AEW Double or Nothing main event.

CM Punk wrestled Adam Page in the main event of the show, beating him for the AEW Championship. It was a huge moment that was overshadowed by Punk’s injury just one week later.

However, just weeks before the show, CM Punk took umbrage with a “shoot” style comment in a promo by “Hangman” Page.

CM Punk Tried Talking With Adam Page

CM Punk vs Adam Page

During their heated confrontation on AEW Dynamite in May 2022, Adam Page apparently went off scrip on Punk, claiming that he has “protecting” AEW from CM Punk, a jab which Punk looked confused about and took to heart.

The segment was an all-time great one, but one which the former AEW Champion remembered for months, even after beating Page at Double or Nothing 2022.

CM Punk reference this in his All Out 2022 Post-show scrum. He accused Page of “jeopardizing” AEW’s biggest pay per view ever, and called him a disgrace to the industry.

When somebody [Page] who hasn’t done a damn thing in this business jeopardizes the first million-dollar house that this company has ever drawn off of my back and goes on national television and does that, it’s a disgrace to this industry. It’s a disgrace to this company. Now, we’re far beyond apologies. I gave him a fucking chance. It did not get handled and you saw what I had to do, which is very regrettable, lowering myself to his fucking level, but that’s where we’re at right now.”

Now, this seemed a little harsh back then.

It still does, but much less so after the report from Fightful which details some interesting details from around the time of the comment.

In the big reveal from Sean Ross Sapp, it was alleged that CM Punk requested a meeting with AEW Officials over the comments by Page.

However, it also said that Page wanted nothing to do with, trying to stay out the way of Punk, even though the former WWE Champion seemingly wanted to talk to him and get passed it.

In the report by Fightful, they said;

Punk requested a meeting with AEW officials over the Hangman promo before Double or Nothing, while Hangman just tried to stay out of the situation and move past it.

This would explain why Punk was so upset. He seems to have tried to hash out his differences with Page, but with no effort on the part of the latter.

The press conference was out of order, but clearly this had been building for a while. Adam Page and CM Punk clearly had issues, but it seems in this case only one of them men wanted to talk it through at the time.

Time will tell to see if CM Punk will be back in AEW.

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