AEW Have A “Moxley Or Punk Situation”… And The Answer Is Clear

It appears that AEW have to chose between their two top stars, if recent reports are to be believed.

And it seems as if they’ve made their choice.

There is heat between CM Punk and Jon Moxley in AEW, as has recently been reported by Fightful Select. The pair wrestled twice last summer, culminating in the main event of All Out 2022.

CM Punk lost to Jon Moxley in their first meeting. They wrestled on AEW Dynamite, in a match that Moxley won in mere minutes.

The bout was said to have taken place whilst CM Punk was injured, which was the latest subject of CM Punk’s controversial Instagram posts.

You can read about the details of that post down below.

CM Punk vs Jon Moxley was the last match that the former had in AEW. Punk won the rematch at All Out 2022, but suffered an injury in the match which has kept him out of wrestling to this day. It was followed by an explosive press conference that saw CM Punk tear down The Elite and Colt Cabana, seemingly burning any bridges he had with AEW.

His explosive press conference following All Out 2022 led to his suspension from AEW, following a fight with The Young Bucks backstage.

There had been little reports of any heat between CM Punk and Jon Moxley prior to today. However, reports from Fightful Select have indicated major heat between the two, following their squash match on Dynamite over the AEW Championship.

CM Punk or Jon Moxley

CM Punk has been decidedly quiet since the event – likely advised by his lawyers. However, this has not stopped the dirt sheets from speculating and reporting, including the latest leak coming from Fightful.

However, the two-time AEW Champion finally commented on a reported heat with Jon Moxley, by Dave Meltzer, via an Instagram post by Punk.

He claimed that he didn’t like the booking suggested by Moxley, despite going through with the match.

He also spoke very kindly of the former Dean Ambrose during his All Out press conference, making the reported heat between them even more confusing.

However, Fightful have suggested that “There is heat between Punk and Mox, based on those Mox spoke to after All Out”, and how AEW have a big choice to make.

It was reported by the publication that AEW will have to make a decision. Jon Moxley and CM Punk seeimgly will not work together again, leaving Tony Khan with a big decision to make – Jon Moxley or CM Punk.

The answer seems clear. According to the report, AEW will choose Moxley in a heartbeat.

Those in AEW believe that in a “Mox or Punk” situation, AEW would choose Mox.


Moxley has been the tops tar in the company for four years, so it seems smart to pick him. However, CM Punk is the biggest draw in the company, so for my money Tony Khan and AEW have a difficult choice to make.

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