CM Punk Is “Willing To Apologise” For All Out Outburst

Hamish Woodward

Former AEW Champion CM Punk is said to be “willing to apologize” for his role in the post-show All Out 2022 media scrum, according a recent report from an anonymous source.

Punk won the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley at All Out, winning the title for the second time in his year-long run.

However, he suffered an injury during the match, which forced him to vacate the title immediately after. This coincided with his rant targetting The Elite and Colt Cabana, leading to his suspension from the company.

A quote by CM Punk from his All Out 2022 press conference.

He also got into a backstage fight with The Elite after the fact, which also involved his friend Ace Steel. Steel was said to have bitten Kenny Omega, and thrown a chair at one of the Young Bucks. He was promptly fired.

He recently replied to a report by Dave Meltzer, refuting some claims leaked about him. Punk was said to have sent lawyers to tell Tony Khan that he wouldn’t wrestle Moxley, although the former WWE Champion spoke up to claim he wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle.

You can read that by clicking this link below.

CM Punk Willing To Apologise To The Elite

CM Punk has been decidedly quiet since the event – likely advised by his lawyers. However, this has not stopped the dirt sheets from speculating and reporting, including the latest leak coming from Fightful.

The report from Fightful claimed that “One person claimed Punk said he was willing to apologize over the media scrum portion of the night and had expressed some regret over his actions on that part. It is unknown if it would be a public or private apology, or who he would apologize to.”

This would be huge for Punk, acknowledging his wrongdoing. It would open the door for him to return to the company after months away, and could signal that he is ready to work with The Elite in a main event feud again.

It was also reported that Punk was considering legal action, but decided against it, as he looks to get back into AEW.

It also spoke of a conversation between CM Punk and Kenny Omega, after the altercation. Punk was prepping for surgery, and Ace Steel was already being dealt with for throwing a chair that hit a production assistant.

Punk allegedly told Omega that “the issue wasn’t with him”, which, if true, would go a long way to having the dream match of CM Punk vs Kenny Omega come to life. It also said how composed Omega was, showing his maturity in the face of adversity.

Omega and Punk spoke had a brief conversation in the immediate moments following the brawl where Punk told him that “the issue wasn’t with him” but they apparently did not speak more after that, as Punk was prepping for surgery and Omega had other plans. People said Omega was surprisingly composed after it all went down. Ace Steel was still being dealt with at this point.

It also reported that there is heat between CM Punk and Jon Moxley, and that Chris Jericho called CM Punk a “cancer” during a shouting match after the backstage fight.

The news coming out in the past two days has made it look like CM Punk won’t be back in AEW any time soon. However, there is always a chance in wrestling, and if he’s able to apologise to the wronged parties, we could see him back in the ring once he is fit once again to wrestle.

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