Ricky Starks is “Counting Down The Days” Until CM Punk Return

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Since All Out 2022, things have gone poorly for CM Punk, but Ricky Starks has been better than ever.

Punk went off on The Elite during the post-show press conference, seemingly burning any bridges with the company. He has not been seen in AEW since, and could be released by AEW in the near future.

He recently replied to a report by Dave Meltzer, refuting some claims leaked about him. You can read that by clicking this link below.

Meanwhile, Ricky Starks has gone from strength to strength. He was competed in some main event feuds, which included a match with MJF and two wins against Chris Jericho.

Ricky Starks On CM Punk

Ricky Starks has heaped praise on CM Punk in interviews, stating that CM Punk is “leadership in it’s truest form”.

He also revealed that Punk gave him lots of advice backstage regarding his matches, stating that he “misses him” and is “counting the days until” he comes back to AEW.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc, “Absolute” Ricky Starks said about CM Punk.

“Punk is leadership in the truest form,” Starks said. “I’ve asked him countless times about advice and things like that backstage and he’s always willing and open to it.

And so I do miss him. I feel his absence, for sure, in the locker room. I’m counting the days until he makes his return … Punk has gone through multiple phases. He was around for that indie bit, but then he was around when WWE was bringing in indie guys, and he was in that system, and now he is on the other side of what wrestling is, you know, past that.”

CM Punk has not commented on the All Out 2022 post-match press conference since it happened, and has been reported to be open to a return to AEW.

He is also said to be willing to apologise for his part played in the press conference, despite being called a “cancer” by Chris Jericho after the fact.

According to Fightful, “One person claimed Punk said he was willing to apologize over the media scrum portion of the night and had expressed some regret over his actions on that part. It is unknown if it would be a public or private apology, or who he would apologize to”.

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