Peyton Royce Reveals REJECTED NXT Names From WWE Run

Peyton Royce has revealed the list of names she was given to choose from in NXT, revealing what she was almost called for the entirety of her WWE run.

Now going by Cassie Lee, Royce was a big part of the WWE women’s division. She was an entertaining double act alongside Billie Kay, although the pair were not very successful on the main roster.

The pair won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships once, but never tasted singles gold. Royce was the better worker of the two, and went out on her own in a singles run in 2020.

Sadly, Vince McMahon soon lost interest in the pair, and they were both released by the WWE in April 2021.

Both Royce and Kay moved to Impact that year, although their run lasted less than a year before they announced their retirement from wrestling.

Peyton Royce NXT Names

In a recent Twitter post, Peyton Royce (Cassie Lee) responded to a Twitter post where somebody claimed she was almost called Ruby Royce in NXT.

She responded by confirming this rumour (“truth) before adding some rejected names for herself below it.

In a series of Tweets, she revealed seven different names that were contemplated for her, during her run in NXT.

The names Peyton Royce nearly had in WWE were:

  • Ruby Ryan
  • Kiki Morning
  • Kyleigh (pronounced “Kylie”)
  • Ella Clarke
  • Carson McLaren
  • Robyn Holt
  • May Burgess

You can see the original Tweet from Cassie Lee, formelrey known as Peyton Royce, below.

In addition, one user pointed out that she had tweeted out the list of names, written down in a notebook from her time in NXT. It also included some notes from her time in NXT, which you can view below at her Twitter profile.

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