AEW Tried To Sign X-Pac “A Couple of Times”

Hamish Woodward

AEW have attempted to bring X-Pac into the company, hinting at a return to the ring for the former WWE Superstar.

X-Pac was a key part of both WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars, being a part of two of the most legendary factions of all time – the NWO and DX.

Real name Sean Waltman, X-Pac has not wrestled since a clash with Joey Janela in 2022. He last wrestled for a major company in 2011 (for TNA), while his last WWE match was in a ten-man tag team match in 2002.

He’s not been a full-time wrestler for two decades, but Tony Khan looks like he wants to sign the former Intercontinental Champion to his ranks, according to former teammate Billy Gunn.

Billy Gunn has been signed to AEW since its inception, being a key part of tag team The Acclaimed, as Daddy Ass.

Gunn recently sat down with Sportskeeda to discuss AEW, revealing AEW had reached out to X-Pac “a couple of times” to sign him to a deal, but that the signing ultimately fell through.

“I think we’ve tried to get Sean in here a couple of times. Things just didn’t work out, but I think if the time’s right, I think he would be a great asset because he still has huge popularity and everybody knows him and he’s such a good guy that he would not only help the younger talent as well as be a good representative for our company, and he’d be he’d be amazing if we could get him in here.”

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