Andrade El Idolo Confirms AEW Contract Set To Expire

Andrade El Idolo recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online, at WrestleCon, to discuss his future plans in the wrestling business.

During the interview, the AEW wrestler revealed that his contract will be coming to an end in the near future, and that he could explore his options in the near future (including a WWE return).

“First of all, I still work for AEW. I want to clarify that, because I am still with AEW.

My contract will expire very soon, but I still belong to AEW. I tore my chest, so I am still in recovery. I had an operation in November, about 4 months off, but am close to being back and to feel at 100%.”

He also revealed why he was spotted at the WWE Hall of Fame. Andrade noted that he was there to honour Rey Mysterio, who is a hero in Lucha wrestling.

Andrade was also there with his wife, Charlotte Flair, who had one of the best matches on WrestleMania weekend, in her five-star classic against Rhea Ripley.

He also ran into his father-in-law, the 16 time world champion Ric Flair.

“I was in the Hall of Fame event, mostly to accompany my spouse and to celebrate the induction of my friend, Rey Mysterio. It’s something awesome because I have great matches with him.

I never tagged with him, but he is someone I admire and a symbol for all Latinos. Of course I saw Ric Flair & he thanked me for being with his daughter and to give her advice ahead of her match. Now that I see her, I would tell her about it.”

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