Auschwitz Images Used At WrestleMania 39 In Mysterio Promo

Hamish Woodward

WWE needs to take a note of what stock footage they use for their hype packages.

During the WrestleMania 39 Night 1 kick-off show, a video package telling the story of the Rey Mysterio vs Dominik Mysterio feud showed some footage they would have rather they didn’t.

Reddit user Liaison909 posted the controversial screenshot from WrestleMania 39, during a promo package for the clash between the father/son duo.

The photo showed an image from Auschwitz, the most infamous death camp that was built by the Nazi’s for mass-extermination of various groups during World War 2.

Known as the Holocaust, 11 million people (with six million Jews) were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime, during World War 2.

This is not something WWE will want to be promoting, although it was certainly an accident. WWE haven yet to comment on the issue.

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