Chris Jericho Shoots on Star Wars: The Last Jedi – “That One Was Brutal”

Chris Jericho has called Star Wars: The Last Jedi “brutal”, and named Luke Skywalker as “the worst Jedi ever”.

The former AEW Champion has had his hand in many pies in recent years, and is adding a comic book and potential film to his canon of wrestling, music and books.

Chris Jericho talked about the Star Waes movies during an interview with The Critical Drinker.

He talked about a wide variety of topics, including his early career, his upcoming Painmaker comic and much more, but was prompted to talk about Star Wars movies when asked about storytelling in wrestling.

There was a phase there where those movies weren’t too bad, but that one was brutal because once again Luke Skywalker dies. Is that the one where Princess Leia was flying through space as well?

Yeah, that was going crazy because we’ve been living with Star Wars for 40 odd years, and no time as a Jedi has ever flown through space with no breathing apparatus. Total nonsense.

And then Luke Skywalker’s got to be the worst Jedi ever. All we ever hear is how cool Jedis are, and he just shows glimpses of it. But I thought that Jetta, he should have pulled all the Jedi tricks to blow up all the…

I remember they were on the red planet. Oh yeah, those Walker Things, walkers, the Hologram or whatever. I don’t remember, man. All that stuff is just getting way too complicated for me. Just give me Empire Strikes Back, and I’ll watch that 10 times and be happy.

Please credit The Critical Drinker for the video, and add a h/t to Atletifo for the transcription.

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