CM Punk Reveals Why He Wore Long Tights In AEW

CM Punk’s “Long Boys” became a bone of contention among AEW fans, upon his return to wrestling after seven years away.

While he has been known to wear shorts, or short tights, throughout his career, CM Punk wore long tights on a number of occasions in AEW, including in matches against Jon Moxley and Darby Allin?

But why did CM Punk wear long tights? Was he simply trying to be more like Bret Hart?

Almost certainly yet, but that’s not why he said he did it.

CM Punk’s Long Tights

Former AEW Champion CM Punk wore long tights for his AEW, bucking the trend from his career up to that point.

CM Punk revealed in a Tweet why he opted for long tights for his AEW debut, compared to his famous short tights.

The former WWE Champion exclusively wore the short variation of his attire in WWE, but changed things up for his first match in AEW, against Darby Allin.

He since changed back and force between the two, bringing back the long tights for his last AEW match against Jon Moxley, at All Out 2022.

Was it symbolism? Some kind of reference to something?

Nope. CM Punk simply didn’t want to have to shave his legs. That was why he wore long tights in AEW.

In a recent interview with Ringside Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con, Punk disclosed the secret to why he switched to long tights for some matches.

“That’s basically just so I don’t have to shave my legs. The secret’s out. “

There you have it. CM Punk wore long tights so he did not have to shave his legs before the match.

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