Darby Allin & Giga Dolin Divorced After Just One Year Together

Darby Allin and Gigi Dolin are not currently together, although they were previously married before they became huge stars in wrestling.

Since signing for AEW in 2019, Darby Allin has become of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

His death-defying style is unique and entertaining, and his tag team with Sting has brought new life to the WCW and TNA legend.

Meanwhile, Gigi Dolin (who previously wrestled under the name Priscilla Kelly) has wrestled for both WWE and AEW in recent years. She was one of the early stars in AEW, but the pandemic cut her time in the company short.

Dolin then moved to WWE, where she teamed with Mandy Rose and Jacy Jayne as “Toxic Attraction”.

Not many fans know about the relationship between Darby Allin and Gigi Dolin, and the fact that they were briefly married, in a marriage that ended in disaster.

Darby Allin Married Gigi Dolin In 2018

Gigi Dolin and Darby Allin married each other on November 21st, 2018. Dolin was known as Priscilla Kelly at the time, and was one of the top female names on the indies.

Meanwhile, Darby Allin wrestled for a variety of independents, including AAA and Progress, although was struggling to get by in wrestling.

The pair had only been dating for four months when Darby Allin propsed, making the whole thing a whirlwind relationship.

They wed in late 2018, just as AEW was about to take off and both their lives would change forever.

Sadly, the marriage would not last long, as the two stars remained incompatible as a married couple.

They Divorced After Less Than Two Years Of Marriage

On August 10th, 2020, Gigi Dolin announced that her and Darby Allin were getting a divorce.

While the AEW star was quiet about the separation, Dolin released a statement to Twitter, announcing their recent divorce.

She said: “There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but we have come to the conclusion that we are just not compatible together as people. We are on great terms, and wish only the best for each other.”

“There are no hard feelings, as we both understand this is what is best. I know a lot of you have supported us for a long time as a duo, and we appreciate it so much, but this decision is what’s best for both of us and our wellbeing.”

“I hope to see him continue his rise in the entertainment industry and take the world by storm as he already is. As for me, it’s time to begin a new chapter.”

Giga Dolin revealed the reasons she divorced Darby Allin during an episode of Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me! podcast.

She did not blame either party, and simply admitted they were married too young, and were not ready for that life together.

“With us, we realize we got married really young and really fast. He proposed after dating me for four months.

“That works for some people but for us, we realized we were not mature enough to handle that label of marriage. Sometimes just the label of marriage can add so much pressure and stress to a relationship.

It’s hard to get people who haven’t been married to understand that. Let’s remove this label and then let’s see how things go.”

Darby Allin remains with AEW after their divorce, while Gigi Dolin is embarking on a singles run in NXT for the first time.

The pair remain friends and could still work together in the future, despite their divorce.

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