Jim Ross Says Brian Pillman Jr Wasn’t Working In AEW

Brian Pillman Jr was released by AEW because “it wasn’t working”, according to Jim Ross.

The WWE Hall of Famer commented on the recent release of Brian Pillman Jr, after three years on the AEW roster.

Pillman Jr last wrestled for the company in May, after struggling to excel in tag teams with Griff Garrison and Brock Anderson.

AEW quietly removed him from their roster page, not releasing an official statement regarding Brian Pillman Jr’s release, following the expiry of his contract.

Jim Ross had something to say about Brian Pillman Jr on his podcast, stating that “it wasn’t working” for the 29-year-old in AEW.

Pillman Jr had some huge hype coming into AEW, being the son of the legendary Brian Pillman.

Sadly, he failed to live up to the expectations and comparisons to his father, and has quietly left AEW.

On the latest episode of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross said about Brian Pillman Jr:

“It wasn’t working. He’s not losing any ring time. He’ll have plenty of opportunities.” JR said,

He’s just gotta structure his journey and be smart about the decisions that he makes and get all the in-ring time that he can. Wrestle as many matches as he can schedule.

So, he’s gonna be fine, just gotta have his plan and work it. His career took a minor tumble, but not one that you can’t get up from. So, I have a lot of confidence he’s gonna end up very successful in wrestling.”

He is the son of the legendary, late-Brian Pillman, who could have been a main event star in WWE if not for a near-fatal car accident.

Click this link to learn more about the car accident, or click below to see how Brian Pillman tricked Eric Bischoff into releasing him from his WCW contract.

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