Kenny Omega Shoots On Match With Vikingo On Dynamite

Hamish Woodward

Kenny Omega has spoken up about his AEW Dynamite match with El Hujo Del Vikingo, citing it as a “challenge”.

The bout was the debut of Vikingo, who was a huge star in Mexico up until that point.

His match with Omega from 2021 was cancelled due to injury, so AEW set the stage for one of the biggest dream matches in the world.

Kenny Omega beat El Hijo Del Vikingo in a match that was rated five-stars by Dave Meltzer, and is one of the best AEW Dynamite matches of all time.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kenny Omega discussed his match with the Mexican star, citing the match as putting him in “A tough position”.

He also called the challenge “very unique”, and cited working with Vikingo as “a pleasure”.

“I had this opportunity with a star, someone who people around the globe will embrace, and it was a matter of doing the hard introduction on our television in a main-event position with no backstory,” says Kenny Omega about working with Vikingo, “It was a tough position, to suddenly have someone unknown to AEW issue a challenge.

“Looking back, it was very unique. I am always up for the challenge, and working with someone like Vikingo is always going to be a pleasure. We hadn’t had a chance to mix it up, and I wanted that opportunity.”

“Being the one to introduce him to our fan base was a heavy responsibility, but I wanted to make sure that anyone criticizing that Vikingo didn’t deserve the spot saw exactly who he is.”

Omega then went on to discuss the perception of Lucha Libre, describing it as culturally significant to the people of Mexico.

It is just one of the many styles of wrestling Omega has studied, which helped make him one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

“There are still a portion of fans who discredit the lucha libre style,” continued Omega. “To them, maybe it’s too flippy or fast or looks like gymnastics. But this is an art form.”

“Culturally, it’s very significant to the people of Mexico. The style transcends the sport itself, and it is so prominent there. Lucha libre is the preferred form of professional wrestling in Mexico. So I know fans there are going to appreciate the ride we’re taking them on.”

Kenny Omega is set to take on El Hijo Del Vikingo at TripleMania, to reclaim the AAA Mega Championship he was forced to vacate due to injury in 2021.

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