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Hamish Woodward

Jim Ross Says Brian Pillman Jr Wasn’t Working In AEW

Brian Pillman Jr was released by AEW because “it wasn’t working”, according to Jim Ross. The WWE Hall of Famer commented on the recent release of Brian Pillman Jr, after three years on the AEW roster. Pillman Jr last wrestled for the company in May, after struggling to excel in tag teams with Griff Garrison ...

Hamish Woodward

Brian Pillman Jr Released By AEW After Underwhelming Career

Brian Pillman Jr has been released by AEW, three years after signing for the promotion. The 29-year-old came in with huge hype behind him, being the son of the late-Brian Pillman. He received a big push and a huge match against MJF in 2021, but failed to impress with the chances he was given. Brian ...

Hamish Woodward

Varsity Blondes AEW

Varsity Blondes – The Future AEW Tag Team Stars

Do you think the Varsity Blondes will be future AEW Tag Team Champions? AEW is increasingly improving its roster, including established superstars, legends, and new talents; the Company of Khan is expanding, trying to provide a more varied product. This includes adding a number of second-generation wrestlers to their ranks. Lately, for instance, we’ve witnessed the ...

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