Dave Meltzer Reveals Why NJPW Is Better Than WWE

Dave Meltzer has explained in a recent interview why NJPW matches are better than WWE, in a shocking revelation from the controversial journalist.

The Wrestling Observer founder is a controversial figure in wrestling, with both wrestlers and fans alike taking offense to his reporting over the years.

The most contentious aspect of his journalism is his star ratings for matches, which was some reason causes huge arguments in online spaces.

Over the years, Meltzer has given NJPW more “five-star matches” than the WWE, which has led some fans to claim he has a bias against the WWE.

Meltzer spoke to Chris Van Vliet in a recent interview, revealing the differences between matches in WWE and NJPW.

Dave Meltzer claimed that WWE “Relies on repetitive sequences”, while New Japan Pro Wrestling “focuses on taking that extra step deeper”.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Dave Meltzer said:

“With New Japan, the wrestlers are technically superior and excel in building the perfect timing for finishes.” Meltzer claimed,

“They employ a distinct style, utilizing clever misdirections and unexpected twists.”

“Unlike WWE, which relies on repetitive sequences to train the audience’s reactions, New Japan focuses on taking that extra step deeper.”

“They anticipate the crowd’s response, strategically planning moments that will garner immense excitement and amplify their reactions.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please give a H/T to Atletifo for the transcription.

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