Sami Zayn Was Catalyst For Bloodline Angle, Dave Meltzer Claims

Sami Zayn is the catalyst of the legendary Bloodline storyline in WWE, according to journalist Dave Meltzer.

The Wrestling Observer founder has been covering wrestling for nearly five decades, and has become one of the most respected voices in the business.

His opinion seems to carry a lot of weight, especially with his weekly match ratings, that cause huge arguments to break out in various online communities.

Meltzer recently revealed the differences between WWE and NJPW, before talking about all other aspects of WWE storytelling.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, the conversation shifted as to whether the Bloodline storyline was the best storyline in WWE history.

While Dave Meltzer did not say that it was the best storyline ever, he did call it “very, very successful” and reveal that Sami Zayn was really the “catalyst” of the entire rivalry.

Speaking in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dave Meltzer said:

“It’s a great angle. I don’t know where I would rate it of all time.”

“Um, you know, with all the different angles that have done things. I mean, it’s different, you know, and you’re watching with different eyes. But all I could say is, it’s very, very successful.”

“And, um, you know, it’s got a lot of layers. The people who are in charge of it have done a great job with it. And, and the actors involved, you know, Roman Reigns and Jay and Sami Zayn when he was involved.”

“Sami Zayn… I mean, I think he was the catalyst of all of it. I mean, it’s like it’s gone on without him in that direct angle, but I think he was the one who really jump-started the whole thing.”

Sami Zayn turned on Roman Reigns at the 2023 Royal Rumble, before losing to Roman Reigns in his hometown of Montreal at Elimination Chamber 2023.

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