Exploring The Relationship Between Christian Cage & Britt Baker

A lot has been said over the past few years about the relationship between Dr Britt Baker DMD and Christian Cage.

If you’re an avid AEW fan, but one who stays away from the online gossip columns, then you may have a recollection of this rumour.

Consider yourself lucky, as you have avoided the frenzy about Baker potentially cheating on her long-term boyfriend, fellow AEW star Adam Cole.

Christian Cage and Britt Baker

There have been rumours about a potential relationship between Christian Cage and Britt Baker, over the year couple of years.

There were reports by Brad Sheppard that Adam Cole’s injury (which was a concussion that kept him out the ring for nearly a year) was fake, and it was a cover for Britt cheating on him with Christian Cage.

This rumour was completely unfounded, and has absolutely zero credibility to it.

This was talked about by Disco Inferno and Konnan on the “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, where they shut down any idea of this rumour being true.

While the idea of Britt Baker cheating on Adam Cole with Christian Cage is nonsense (he is about 25 years her senior), it appears that we can guess where this came from.

A photo of Baker riding with Christian Cage in a car was posted online, leading fans to speculate between their relationship.

However, the photo also saw Bryan Danielson and CM Punk in the card. This was because the four AEW stars were filming for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, the hit segment from James Corden’s talk show-turned-TV Show.

Christian Cage Is Divorced

Christian Cage’s divorce, from his long-time partner Denise Hartmann, was finalised in January 2020, just a year before he returned to the ring.

The pair married in 2001, having their only daughter Isla in 2013. They are no divorced, with custody of Isla presumably going to her mother.

His divorce has been referenced on AEW TV in recents years – most notably during his fued with Jungle Boy.

While Christian Cage was not shy about referencing Jungle Boy’s deceased father (Hollywood star Luke Perry), the young star fired back by talking about Cage’s divorce.

Christian was worried about missing out on a championship bonus when Jungle Boy eliminated him from a battle royal last year because he needs money after his wife divorced him. He also intimated that the former Mrs. Cage left because Captain Charisma isn’t well endowed.

Britt Baker Commented On Action Figures After Christian Cage’s Debut

The apparent contentiousness between Christian Cage and Britt Baker became clear not long after his debut.

After Christian Cage appeared as a shock debut at AEW Revolution 2021, talk began about him receiving his first action figure since leaving the WWE.

This insulted Britt Baker, who at that point was the most popular female wrestler in the division and had not yet received her own action figure.

She Tweeted out her displeasure, stating that if Christian Cage received an AEW action figure before her, then she would retire from wrestling.

Thankfully, Baker received her first action figure soon after.

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