Is Jon Moxley Darby Allin’s Father?

There have been some odd questions asked about some AEW stars recently.

I don’t know where some of them come from, like Eddie Kingston being gay or CM Punk being a “cancer” backstage, but people do seem to keep asking these questions on social media.

One of the most common yet strangest questions asked online is regarding the parentage of AEW star Darby Allin. The former TNT Champion has never claimed to have a famous, wrestler father, but that hasn’t stopped the internet talking.

We’ve heard all above Darby Allin’s uncle, but who is his father?

Is Jon Moxley Darby Allin’s father?

Jon Moxley Salary

No, Jon Moxley is not Darby Allin’s father. The pair are not related and do not share any familial ties.

Jon Moxley is from Cincinatti, whilst Darby Allin grew up in Seattle, Washington. Based on that, they are not father and son, but that is not the only evidence.

Jon Moxley, the three time AEW Champion and former WWE Champion, is 37 years old. Given that fact that Darby Allin has just turned 30, he would have had to have been a child when impregnating Allin’s mother.

Neither man has ever claimed to the other’s father, or son. It probably would have come up when they wrestled each other on Dynamite for the AEW Championship, as it would have been the first father vs son match in the company’s history.

While he hasn’t spoken much about his father, Darby Allin was known to be close to his uncle. Allin was in the car when his uncle crashed, killing himself and injuring his nephew.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Darby Allin revealed that his face paint was born out of tragedy and that the reason he paints is face is due to him losing a family member in a horrific accident.

“I paint my face because 50 percent of me is dead inside. When I was five, my uncle was driving drunk. I was in the car with him. We crashed and he passed away,” 

Other wrestlers that aren’t Darby Allin’s father include Sting (his tag team partner and mentor), CM Punk (they have no relation) or Tay Conti (she is a woman).

Did you know that Jon Moxley was not Darby Allin’s father? Let us know in the comments section down below if you knew the truth.

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