Jamie Hayter On Crowd Turning Her Face “I’m Doing Something Right”

Jamie Hayter has spoken about turning face in AEW, claiming that she must have been “doing something right” for the crowd to organically cheer for her.

Jamie Hayter captured the AEW Women’s World Championship after dethroning Toni Storm at AEW Full Gear pay-per-view in 2022. It was her first title in AEW, and came after a groundswell of support from the fans, despite being a heel.

She turned face, alongside Britt Baker, soon after, and begun a title reign which has now reached 9 months in AEW.

During a live Q&A panel for Love of Wrestling (via Monopoly Events), Jamie Hayter discussed her turn, and how it made her feel like she was doing something right with the fans.

“Yeah, it was very shocking to me in a way (the crowd turning her into a babyface). But, you know, the fans just for some reason, I don’t know why, they all got behind me and that meant so much to me and when we got backstage, it was just a really hard-fought match (between myself & Toni Storm at AEW Full Gear).I think we really went out there and kicked each other’s asses, and I broke Toni’s face, sorry Toni. Actually, not sorry. I’m not sorry about that now. I’m never sorry.”

“So yeah, the reaction was really good and it made me feel like I’m doing something right. I’m doing myself good by just going out there and doing my best and yeah, just kind of going with the flow really. There wasn’t anything in particular that got me to that point I don’t think. It was just the kind of a culmination of multiple things, so it was a really special moment for me and yeah, I’ll cherish that for a very long time.”

Jamie Hayter is rumoured to be wrestling against Saraya at AEW All In, in Wembley Stadium.

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