Jamie Hayter Reveals Details Her Worst Injury Ever

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AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter has revealed her worst injury in wrestling that led to her covered in casts from wrist to shoulder!

The English wrestler has become one of the most popular wrestlers in AEW in recent months, with fans hoping she will break out of her association with Britt Baker and continue her title run as a solo act.

The women’s division in AEW has been fraught with injuries over the past few years. Big stars like Thunder Rosa, Ruby Riot, Toni Storm and Kris Statlander have all suffered injuries that have kept them out of the ring, with Rosa’s injury keeping her out long term and forcing her vacate the championship.

Jamie Hayter has weighed in on injuries when speaking to Tony Hawk & Jason Ellis, revealing her worst injury she has suffered in her career. The British wrestler spoke to the pair on the latest episode of the Hawk vs Wolf Podcast, alongside Darby Allin, to reveal how she broke both of her elbows during one ill-fated match in the UK in 2018.

“Mine would be when I broke both my elbows and I had to have shoulder to wrist casts. I didn’t think it would go wrong. I did a move to the outside – a cross body – and floor outside was concrete. It was in a bar, it was a really small venue. I just kind of jumped and I was like ‘you got me right?’ and she [her opponent] said ‘yeah, I’ll catch you’. So of course i trust anybody i step into the ring with so I climb up, i jump off and I’m almost looking back because i see her watch me jump and crab my legs and I landed, like a Scorpion.

“I finished the match. i did a Moonsault in the match not too long after this. I wrestled, picked her up, did a Moonsault, won. Yeah!”

The match in question was Jamie Hayter vs Sierra Loxton at RevPro on November 3rd, 2018. This match is not available on Youtube but can be watched on RevPro’s streaming service, RevPro On Demand. Be aware that Jamie Hayter’s injury may be gruesome to watch so if you are squeamish, give it a miss on this one.

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