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Hamish Woodward

Jamie Hayter Wrestled 1 WWE Match Before Being Rejected

Many fans know Jamie Hayter from her dominating run as the AEW Women’s Champion, they may not know that she once wrestled in the WWE. When I say “once”, I don’t mean “had a brief run”. Jamie Hayter had exactly one match in the WWE, before never being seen again. It seems very strange that ...

Hamish Woodward

Jamie Hayter’s AEW Debut Was On The 4th AEW Dynamite Episode

While people generally don’t consider Jamie Hayter as an “AEW original”, she has been with the company since almost the very beginning. She wrestled her first match in AEW in 2019, although her run was cut short for a year and half due to the COVID pandemic. Since her debut, Jamie Hayter has become the ...

Hamish Woodward

Toni Storm Becomes Women’s Champion Amid Injury To Jamie Hayer

Toni Storm became AEW Women’s Champion for the second time in her career, reclaiming the title from Jamie Hayter in a match hampered by injury. The injury to Jamie Hayter seems to have been worse than expected, as she was in no fit state to wrestle against Toni Storm. She was attacked backstage before defending ...

Stewart Harper

Jamie Hayter Reveals Details Her Worst Injury Ever

AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter has revealed her worst injury in wrestling that led to her covered in casts from wrist to shoulder! The English wrestler has become one of the most popular wrestlers in AEW in recent months, with fans hoping she will break out of her association with Britt Baker and continue her ...

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