Jamie Hayter Wrestled 1 WWE Match Before Being Rejected

Hamish Woodward

Many fans know Jamie Hayter from her dominating run as the AEW Women’s Champion, they may not know that she once wrestled in the WWE.

When I say “once”, I don’t mean “had a brief run”. Jamie Hayter had exactly one match in the WWE, before never being seen again.

It seems very strange that the company would have somebody as talented as Hayter in their midst and not sign her to a contract, but their loss is AEW’s gain.

Her one match came back in 2019, when Jamie Hayter made her WWE debut against somebody who is now a big star on the main roster.

Jamie Hayter In WWE

Former AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter has wrestled in the WWE, but did not have a permanent stay in the company.

She made her WWE debut in 2019, after years of toiling on the UK indepedent scene, as well as in Japan.

Jamie Hayter debuted in wrestling in 2015, at just 20 years old. Soon after, she began to wrestle for Rev Pro Wrestling, where she wrestled until 2021 as their women’s champion.

While she debuted in AEW in 2019, Jamie Hayter made her WWE debut that same year.

Jamie Hayter’s only WWE match came in NXT UK, wresting Piper Niven (Doudrop on the main roster) on the April 19, 2019 episode of NXT UK.

The match took place at the Intu Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, although it was not a match that showcased Hayter at all.

She lost to Piper Niven in under two-minutes, and got very little offence in the match. She had no chance to impress WWE officials, and was not brought back for any more matches in the company.

WWE Offered Jamie Hayter A Try Out In 2021

Before she signed full-time with AEW, Jamie Hayter had one last chance in making it in the WWE.

In June 2021, the English star vacated her Undisputed British Women’s Championship, owing to a trip across the pond to the United States.

She relinquished her title following a WWE tryout according to PW Insider, fueling rumors that she was leaving the country to sign for the company.

While nobody has commented on how the try out went, the fact that she signed for AEW soon after would tell you that it could have gone better.

Luckily, she has excelled in AEW, winning the AEW Women’s Championship in late-2022.

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