The British AEW Wrestlers Who Could Star At All In Wembley Show

AEW recently made the huge announcement of their first ever UK-based show.

With the help of Tony Khan and Nigel McGuinness, Adam Cole revealed that All In 2 will take place from Wembley Stadium, in London, England.

The show will be on August 27th, 2023 and will be the biggest show the company has put on yet. Wembley holds 90,000 people for football matches, so it will be task for AEW to fill all those seats.

However, the best way to do that is by pushing the British wrestlers in the company.

AEW has a number of English wrestlers who are hugely popular with the fans, to compliment the host of international stars in the company.

In this article, we’ll go through all the biggest British stars in AEW, and how they could help AEW fill out Wembley Stadium to make All In 2 a huge success for the company.

British AEW Wrestlers At All In 2


All In 2 could finally be the chance for PAC to rise to the top of AEW.

The former WWE Superstar from Newcastle has become one of the best wrestlers in the world, with his high-flying style unlike anything ever seen before.

He combines this which his incredible strength, making moves like a deadlift German Suplex looking easy.

PAC has only challenged for the AEW Championship once (A triple threat against Kenny Omega and Orange Cassidy), so is due a chance for another opportunity at MJF’s title.

MJF vs PAC for the AEW Championship would be a huge main event for All In 2, and would finally give the Englishman a chance at the AEW Championship in a singles match.


Formerly known as Paige in the WWE, Saraya came out of retirement last year to sign with All Elite Wrestling.

As the most popular British women’s wrestler in WWE history, she brought a huge fanbase into AEW upon her debut, despite not wrestling for a number of years.

Despite this, she has wrestled a handful of matches in AEW, including a three-way title match at AEW Revolution 2023.

Saraya could take on the AEW Women’s Champion at All In 2, against another one of the companies biggest English stars.

Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter will likely walk into AEW All In 2 as the Women’s Champion, the first British wrestler to hold the belt.

She has been dominant in her title run so far, since winning the belt from Toni Storm in 2022. With her beating all challengers so far, it’s a struggle to see who could face her in Wembley Stadium in August.

Dave Meltzer have theorised that the AEW Women’s title match could be an all-English affair, with Jamie Hayter vs Saraya being one of the biggest matches on the card.

Jamie Hayter has become one of the most popular wrestlers in all of AEW, putting on some of the best women’s matches on the company has ever seen.

Anthony Ogogo

Former Olympic Boxer Anthony Ogogo is set for a London homecoming, when he steps into the ring at All In 2.

The AEW star has had a mixed career so far in the company, with a 2021 feud with Cody Rhodes being the highlight.

The rivalry was fraught with controversial moments, including Cody Rhodes lecturing the mixed-race Olympian on racism in the United States, in a strange attempt to wow the crowd.

In the meantime, he has spent a lot of time out of the ring due to eye surgeries, but is recently back wrestling and would be a huge get to make an appearance at Wembley Stadium for AEW All In 2.

Nigel McGuinness

Now retired, All In 2 could be the perfect time for Nigel McGuinness to wreslte his first match in over a decade.

The Englishman was one of the best wrestlers in the world at his peak, seen as an equal to former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

The pair wrestled numerous times in Ring of Honor, trading victories for both the ROH Pure and World Championship titles.

After being rejected by the WWE, Nigel McGuinness retired from wrestling to become a commentator. He also had a run in TNA,where his matches with Kurt Angle drew race reviews from fans and critics.

A rematch against Bryan Danielson would bookend his career nicely, and send the English fans home happy to see Nigel back in the ring one more time, at All In 2.

Kip Sabian

While his AEW career has stalled somewhat over the years, there must be a match for Kip Sabian at All In.

The English wrestler has been a part of AEW since it’s very first show. Sabian beat Sammy Guevara in the first ever singles match in AEW history, at the first Double or Nothing show in 2019.

He has formed a partnership with The Butcher and The Blade in recent months, so they could challenge the House of Black in a huge bout at Wembley Stadium, likely with his wife Penelope Ford by his side.

Will Ospreay

After having two of the best matches of all time against Kenny Omega, it seems the final match of the trilogy will take place at Wembley Stadium.

With both men holding one win each over each other, English star Will Ospreay will be ready for a London homecoming in AEW later this year.

He has claimed to live just 40 minutes away from Wembley Stadium, making this match incredibly close to home for the Aerial Assassin.

Bryan Danielson also spoke about facing Ospreay at All In, wanting to take on the best British wrestler in the world.

Zack Sabre Jr

best technical wrestlers of all time

While he came up short against Orange Cassidy at Forbidden Door, the NJPW Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr could be set for a huge match at Forbidden Door.

As one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, he is flying the flag for the UK both in Japan and the United States.

While he has been rumored to face Bryan Danieslon at All In, it looks like it will be Zack Sabre Jr vs Orange Cassidy at All In.

This huge match looks likely to take place at Wembley Stadium, with Orange Cassidy’s AEW International Championship on the line.

Which Britsh AEW wrestlers would you like to see wrestling at All In 2? Let us know what you think about it down in the comments section below.

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