Kota Ibushi’s AEW Debut Will See Him Join The Elite

Hamish Woodward

Fans have been awaiting Kota Ibushi‘s AEW debut for years, and it looks like it will finally come as part of the Blackpool Combat Club vs Elite feud.

Since AEW’s inception in 2019, the prospect of Kota Ibushi joining his fellow Golden Lover Kenny Omega has been a promising idea, and one that opens up limitless storytelling possibilities for the Japanese star.

However, he committed himself to NJPW in 2019, refusing the offer from Tony Khan. Ibushi went on to become a top star in Japan, before an injury looked to put his wrestling career to an end.

He was released by NJPW in early 2023, leaving the door open for a move to All Elite Wrestling to reunited with his Golden Lover once again.

There is truly only one match big enough to reunite one of the greatest tag teams of all time, and that is inside the double cages of the Blood & Guts match.

AEW Bringing In Kota Ibushi For A Blood & Guts Match

With the last Blood & Guts match coming at the end of June 2022, it is fair to assume that the match will return after the debut of AEW Collision, on June 17th.

With CM Punk returning on that show, there was also a report that another star would debut on the show, although very few details were given.

We believe that Kota Ibushi is that star, and he will join The Elite for one final bout against The Blackpool Combat Club, inside a Blood and Guts match.

With Konosuke Takeshita joining forces with the BCC, helping them beat The Elite at Double or Nothing 2023, the good guys are now outnumbered. They have their four wrestlers (Kenny Omega, Adam Page and the Young Bucks), but they still need one more to even the odds.

That man is Kota Ibushi. He will debut in AEW, coming to the aid of Kenny Omega and the Elite, rescuing his former Golden Lover from an attack at the hands of Bryan Danielson and crew.

The reunited lovers will make for an emotional moment, but also make sense in storyline.

Kota Ibushi Does Not Like Konosuke Takeshita

Following his return to AEW at Double or Nothing 2023, Konosuke Takeshita became enemy number one to the fans, as he turned his back on the Elite to join Don Callis, and the Blackpool Combat Club.

One man who really took umbrage to this was Kota Ibushi, the friend of Kenny Omega who looks set to debut in AEW very soon.

In a recent conversation with Dark Puroresu Flosion, Kota Ibushi revealed that he “never thought he was that great”, referring to Takeshita.

He also noted that he never felt respected by the young star, which could build into the feud when Ibushi appears in AEW for the first time.

“When speaking with Kota Ibushi he gave me his thoughts on the newly turned BCC member Konosuke Takeshita: ‘I never thought he was that great. He is a made imitation of me. Also, he never respected me.'”

Do you want to see Kota Ibsuhi debut in AEW for a Blood & Guts match? Let us know what you think down in the comments section below.

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