Kurt Angle Shoots On Survivor Series Match With Triple H – “I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish”

Kurt Angle spoke on his podcast about how he wasn’t sure what the point was of the 2017 men’s Survivor Series match.

The bout ended in Triple H turning on his team, but ultimately didn’t go anywhere and made him look silly.

Speaking on “The Kurt Angle Show“, Kurt Angle said;

“Yes [2017 men’s Survivor Series match turned into the ‘Triple H’ show] and I didn’t agree with that, especially making Braun [Strowman] look like a complete asshole.

I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish at that point. I know that Triple H wanted to get the win, I understand that but the way they did that just made it look like, you know, nobody else mattered but Triple H and that’s not what you wanna do with talent that you’re building. 

They could have done it a different way [build to Angle & HHH being mixed tag at WrestleMania 34]. I just don’t think they should’ve let Braun Strowman hang there high and dry. 

It was a decent match. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t awesome, it was just a good match. It’s not gonna be memorable, nobody’s gonna remember this years from now. It was just a decent match. Nobody was excited, nobody was high-fiving each other. It was just handshake, good match. 

It was used to help build the match [with] Ronda [Rousey], myself and Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon] so, I understand why they planted the seed.

I just don’t agree with what they did with Braun there. I understand him giving me the Pedigree, screwing me over and screw me over with the win against Shane [McMahon], that made sense but the thing with Braun Strowman of him hanging there high and dry just made him look like an idiot.”

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