Logan Paul’s WWE Debut Was One Of The Best Ever

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From his first match in WWE, Logan Paul has impressed the WWE Universe. The Vine and Youtube star came into the company as an unknown in the wrestling world.

He was a part of the Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens rivalry leading up to WrestleMania 37. His inclusion seemed out of place and fans did not take to him as WWE would have hoped.

However, when he returned a year later with a new attitude, everything changed. Logan Paul stepped into the ring finally and blew everybody away.

He looked like a man who had been doing it all of his life, and not wrestling for the first time in his career. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength and is regarded and one of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

In this article, we’ll talk you through Logan Paul’s WWE debut and how his first match went. Plus, we’ll look at his match against Roman Reigns, which made him a huge star in the company.

Logan Paul’s WWE Debut

On the April 2, 2021, episode of SmackDown, Logan Paul made his WWE debut. He appeared as a guest of Sami Zayn, for his red-carpet premiere for his conspiracy documentary.

While the trailer was wildly entertaining, sadly WWE did not make the full-blown movie. The premiere was also a failure, as Kevin Owens interrupted and set up a match against Zayn at WrestleMania 37.

Logan Paul was a guest at ringside to watch Kevin Owens defeat Sami Zayn in the pairs biggest match yet. Owens was victorious against his lifelong friend/enemy, in what would be another addition to their incredible canon of bouts.

After the match, Logan Paul congratulated Owens and tried to celebrate with him in the ring. Sadly, his first WrestleMania did not end well, with Kevin Owens hitting Logan Paul with a Stone Cold Stunner to send the crowd home happy.


Logan Paul Wrestled His First Match At WrestleMania 38

Teaming up with The Miz, Logan Paul wrestled his first WWE match on the biggest stage possible – WrestleMania.

He teamed up with The Miz to take on the father-son duo of Rey and Doninik Mysterio. Whilst the two are no longer on the best terms, at the time they were a top tag team and not someone to be trifled with.

Entering in an obnoxious and ridiculous yellow outfit, the Youtube star also wore a Pokémon card round his neck. This was the Illustrator Card, said to be the rarest Pokémon card ever.

He paid over $5 million for it and wore it proudly around his neck, in a protective glass casing for his wrestling debut.


Despite having no wrestling background, Logan Paul was thoroughly impressive in his WWE debut. He was helped by the experienced talent in the ring, but showed great athleticism as he ducked and dived around the ring.

To see Logan Paul in WWE wrestling a match surreal, but he fit in seamlessly straight away. He pulled in massive heat, proving himself to be a natural heel. In particular, he hit Rey Mysterio with the Three Amigos Suplexes, made famous by Mysterio’s deceased friend Eddie Guerrero.

In Guerrero’s home town of Texas, Logan Paul made the WWE crowd boo harshly as he climbed to the top rope, performed Guerrero’s signature Latiino Heat taunt and hit his famous Frog Splash for a near fall

Logan Paul’s Wrestlemania debut ended in victory as the Miz pinned Rey Mysterio after a Skull Crushing Finale.

However, The Miz attacked his partner after the match, laying him out with his signature move and putting fuel on the fire for a Logan Paul WWE return for a match against The Miz at Summerslam 2022.

He Wrestled Roman Reigns for the World Championship In His Third Match Ever

roman reigns vs logan paul

At WWE Crown Jewel 2022, Logan Paul wrestled Roman Reigns in the first Championship match of his career. This was also Logan Paul’s best match (so far) in his WWE career.

In a match that saw a run in from Logan’s brother Jake Paul, Roman Reigns defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against the social media star.

The match was, frankly, incredible. It was the best match of the night and potentially the best one Roman Reigns had all year (although a shout-out does go to the Clash at the Castle main event against Drew McIntyre).

You can watch the entirety of the match from Crown Jewel down below. Tell us what you think about it and the rest of Logan Paul’s WWE debut year in the comments down below.

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