Master Wato Earns First Five Star Match In BOSJ Final

Master Wato proved all the doubters wrong by winning the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, having the best match of his career so far.

However, he wowed fans all over the world with the match, which has been mentioned as a match of the year candidate. He defeated CMLL’s Titan in the final, after both men won their respective blocks over the past few weeks.

Both men scored upsets in the semi-finals to earn their place in the final. Master Wato picked up a shock win over “Speedball” Mike Bailey, whilst Titan defeated El Desperado to book his place in the championship match.

Since returning from excursion in 2020, Master Wato has been underrated by many fans due to his gimmick. Portrayed as a martial-arts master, Master Wato has struggled to use his expertese to great effect, struggling to get to the top of the Junior Heavyweight Division.

However, Master Wato’s match with Titan earned him a five-star match rating from Dave Meltzer, as well as a shot at current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi.

Master Wato’s Five Star Match vs Titan

In an electrifying clash between two top Junior Heavyweights, Master Wato and Titan engaged in a battle that left spectators at the edge of their seats. From the outset, it was clear that both competitors were evenly matched, their skills and determination on full display.

The momentum swung back and forth as the bout unfolded. Wato made an impressive dive to the floor, seizing an early advantage and establishing his dominance. However, Titan swiftly turned the tide with a series of precise dropkicks targeting Wato’s leg, momentarily shifting the balance of power. Just as Titan seemed to have gained the upper hand, Wato executed another daring dive to the floor, reclaiming control.

Inside the ring, the combatants traded fierce strikes, each seeking to assert their authority. In a stunning turn of events, Wato unleashed a devastating bomb, propelling him ahead once more. With a relentless spirit, Wato attempted to secure victory through a submission maneuver, only for Titan to cunningly find solace in the ropes. Moments later, Titan retaliated with a merciless DDT, snatching the lead back from his resilient adversary.

Not without his share of missteps, Titan aimed for a corner dropkick but miscalculated his trajectory, crashing painfully onto the unforgiving floor. Swift to recover, Titan retaliated with a thunderous double foot stomp, followed by a skillful leglock. Yet, Wato managed to defy the odds, deftly escaping the clutches of his foe by grasping the sanctuary of the rope.

Displaying an unwavering spirit, Wato unleashed a sudden suplex, effectively resetting the bout and sending shockwaves through the audience. Titan, refusing to yield, answered with a near fall of his own, applying the la mistica submission hold with unyielding tenacity. Undeterred, Titan soared from the top rope, executing a second foot stomp of incredible precision, yet Wato valiantly kicked out, proving his resilience once more.

With unyielding resolve, Wato summoned his strength, delivering yet another impactful suplex, igniting the hopes of his supporters. In a breathtaking finale, Wato unleashed his signature move, Recientemente, and skillfully pinned Titan, capturing a triumphant victory in the BOSJ.

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