Miro Reveals Difference In Working For AEW & WWE

Hamish Woodward

Miro standing in front of a white AEW logo

Miro has revealed the difference in working in WWE & AEW, as he prepared for his return to AEW this week.

The Bulgarian Brute has been missing from AEW since All Out 2022, and is returning to the ring for the debut episode of AEW Collision.

Before that, he spoke with Kurt Angle on The Kurt Angle Show about a variety of topics, covering his incredible career so far.

One thing he did discuss was the difference in working in the WWE and AEW. Miro wrestled as Rusev in the WWE, but was released in 2020 during the pandemic, before signing for AEW.

Miro revealed the biggest difference between AEW and WWE was the way creative was handled in the company.

He revealed Tony Khan is a lot more hands-off than Vince McMahon, allowing wrestlers a lot more creative freedom with their matches and segments.

“The big difference is, first, the creative thing.” Miro said, “You know, we’re just gonna… uh, there’s no writers, right? We have only Tony who writes certain things. Uh, but on a day-to-day basis, you’re pretty much in charge of your own writing. If you have a promo, yeah, Tony may have a suggestion, what do you say? But usually, it’s going to be on you, whatever you want to say.”

“Uh, the matches, yeah, we have agents or producers or coaches as we call them, but they’re not gonna be on every match, and they’re not as hands-on. Just like WWE, there’s not gonna tell you, ‘Oh, they’re gonna dive in their last match, so you can’t do dives before that.’ “

“There’s not going to be like… it’s the control level, it’s all about peer-to-peer. There’s not going to be a middleman, there’s not going to be a man on top that tells you what you can or you cannot do because I had times when Vince tell me, ‘Don’t smile, don’t look at the people, don’t raise your hands, don’t do this.'”

“Like these people, uh, Tony Khan is not gonna do this, man. He’s a big wrestling fan, and he wants to see good wrestling matches. And the styles, you can tell the style, if it’s much different if you watch WWE. It’s kind of the same pattern, same matches, same storyline, same people, while in AEW, we’re trying to be way different than that. Our matches are different, we have a lot more Attitude Era-ish, not just with the blood and the stuff, it’s just the more attitude, and it’s more adult-oriented if you will.”

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Miro lost his last match in the WWE, in a controversial finish that even he was not aware was going to happen.

Click the link below to read more about that.

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