Raven Says Wrestling Bookers “Have To Stay Current”

Hamish Woodward

ECW legend Raven has revealed that he thinks wrestling bookers need to be younger, to stay more current to the viewing habits of the fans.

Raven was lauded during the 1990s as one of the most creative minds in the business.

His storylines in ECW always drew the fans in, and he had a huge amount of fans following him, as the leader of his “Nest” or “Flock”, in ECW and WCW, respectively.

However, despite his creative mind for the business, he does not think that would be a good booker now, mainly due to his age (he just turned 58) and not knowing was is on trend anymore.

Speaking with the Under The Ring podcast Raven gave his opinion that bookers need to be younger and more in tune with the current zeitgeist.

He goes on to elaborate that a booker needs to be aware of pop culture and what is “trendy” with the fans, whilst also noting that he would have been a good booker in the 1990s, but no longer due to his age.

Speaking to the under the ring podcast, Raven said;

“You have to stay current,” Raven said. “That’s always been a problem with the wrestling business — is bookers aren’t current. They don’t have any youth [on] the… booking committee, so to speak, who know what pop culture is, and what’s trendy and what isn’t.”

Raven continued, “I think I would’ve been a great booker back then [the 90s]. Now I’m not as good as I would’ve been because, even though my wrestling knowledge is more, my pop culture knowledge [isn’t]. … I’m 58 years old, I don’t stay current anymore.”

Raven was inducted in the Impact Hall of Fame last year, and was inducted by long-time friend and rival Tommy Dreamer.

However, he has poured water on speculation of him being put into the WWE Hall of Fame, which you can read all about below.

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