Raven Wont Be In WWE Hall Of Fame, ECW Legend Claims

Hamish Woodward

Raven WWE Hall of Fame

ECW Legend Raven was recently inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame, as a tribute to his many successful years working in the company.

He wrestled in TNA for eight successful years, becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion once as a footnote to his glittering career.

However, the man himself does not think a WWE Hall of Fame induction in his future.

Despite being a big star in ECW and having lesser runs in both WCW and WWE, Raven doesn’t think he’ll get the nod in the Hall of Fame, and for very good reason.

He sights “politics” for the reason that he never became a world champion in the WWE – something that seemed very possible with the incredible work he had put in during his ECW tenure.

He was one of the most exciting, creative and unique individuals in the company and had a real shot of making it as the top star, if given the chance.

The two-time ECW Champion lamented how he burnt bridges in the WWE, mainly due to his own ego.

He has never returned to the company since leaving in early 2003, despite the never-ending series of ECW reunions which have continued to air since the promotion shut it’s doors.

Despite legendary feuds with the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Rob Van Dam, he doesn’t seem to think he’ll be honoured by Triple H and co in the future.  

During a virtual signing with K&S Wrestlefest,Raven had this to say about his chances of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, when asked about it by a fan;

“I would’ve liked to have been world champion in New York [WWE]. But you know, that’s a hell of a lot of politics. A lot of the heat’s my fault though because I had to be the smartest guy in the roomEven if I wasn’t, I had to act like I was so I burned my own bridges. I knew it back then but couldn’t help it.”

In another interview with Title Match Wrestling, Raven was asked if he would accept to go into the WWE Hall of Fame. He hinted that he would have accepted, but that the company never asked and likely would never ask him,

They’re definitely not gonna offer because I don’t think I mean if they how could they possibly justify it, you know. I mean other than that I have the most title wins of anybody, but that’s that’s a fluke.

But That’s an asterisk, you know like hitting home runs in the steroids era, you know I get a little asterisk by my name. But nowadays they would never, I mean, if they wanted to use me as a Hall of Fame type, they would have used me been the past. So they’re never, it’s never gonna happen and what I accept sure why wouldn’t I you know what I mean but it’s never gonna happen

Raven In The Hall Of Fame

While he may not be honoured by the WWE, he was inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame. He wrestled for TNA/Impact for eight years and is a former world champion in the promotion.

Raven was inducted by long-time rival Tommy Dreamer, and ended his induction speech with a DDT for good measure on the Innovator of Violence.

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