Revealing Why Batista Betrayed Rey Mysterio In WWE

Batista betraying Rey Mysterio was one of the most heart breaking moments in wrestling history.

Once best friends and tag team champions together, the relationship between the two former World Champions fell apart at Bragging Rights 2009.

Following a four way match, also including CM Punk, for The Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship, Batista and Rey Mysterio put their friendship aside in their pursuit of gold.

There were no DQ’s and no rules in this match, making it every man for himself. However, it was still their jobs, and should not have come between two best friends.

The match ended with The Undertaker retaining his championship, but he was not the star of the match.

Instead, following the bout, Batista embraced his friend, before stating “I’m gonna rip your head off”.

But why did Batista turn on Rey Mysterio?

Why Did Batista Betray Rey Mysterio?

Batista betrayed Rey Mysterio because he felt like he had been betrayed by his friend.

Batista wanted to achieve his dream of becoming the the World Champion again, hoping to face The Undertaker for the title at Bragging Rights.

Instead, Mysterio was added to the match, lessening The Animal’s chances at winning the belt.

After the match, Batista grabbed a microphone as he held the shoulder of Mysterio, in a friendly manner.

However, he soon grabbed the microphone and spoke to his best friend.

Batista revealed that he betrayed Rey Mysterio because he was “tired” of his “best friend stabbing me in the back”.

This came from some long built up frustrations over Mysterio costing him title opportunities, such as his inclusion in the Bragging Rights match.

As he attacked the Lucha Libre legend, Mysterio begged for him to stop, saying “please Dave”, as Batista simply yelled, “You were supposed to be my friend!”

“I think I’m tired of my best friend stabbing me in the back.

You think I’m playing? Rey – I’m not playing.

I’m gonna rip your head off”

Batista before betraying Rey Mysterio

Batista vs Rey Mysterio

This led to a heated match between the two at Survivor Series 2009 at Verizon Center in Washington DC.

This match ended by referee’s stoppage, as Batista beat down Mysterio so badly that the match had to be ended to save the Mexican star.

This was when Batista turned heel, and went on one of the best runs of his career. It culminated in an incredible feud with John Cena, which saw Batista quit the WWE to focus on his accent.

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