Rob Van Dam Speaks About CM Punk’s Return To Wrestling: “It’ll Be Interesting”

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has spoken about CM Punk’s future, claiming it will be “interesting” to see what he does next.

Punk was fired from AEW this month for a backstage fight with Jack Perry at all in, and the wrestling has not be shy in speaking out about their opinions on the two-time AEW Champion.

Rob Van Dam has never been one to shy away from such topics, and earlier this year he claimed that CM Punk had “as big an ega as anyone” he had met in the wrestling business.

However, the former WWE Champion has noted that he is interested to see what Punk does next, following a meeting with the star during an award ceremony last week.

Speaking on his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, RVD recalled bumping into Punk at the Cauliflower Alley Club ceremony in Las Vegas, mere days before Punk’s release from AEW. He said,

“I just saw him Thursday night. He was getting an award, and he gave a speech, and he came down and talked to me. He was in a really good mood, good vibes really. Really seemed like [he] was really happy in the moment, felt like he was having a good time, sitting over at the other table by Mickie James.

“He’ll be alright. It is interesting to see where he ends up … Who knows, but best wishes to him and everybody.”

Rob Van Dam recently made his debut in AEW, wrestling Jack Perry in a fantastic match before the young star’s fight with CM Punk.

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