Shaq Teases Match With Paul Wight After Beating Cody Rhodes

Hamish Woodward

One unorthodox dream match that fans have been hoping to see for years is former Basketball star Shaquille O’Neill vs Paul Wight (Big Show in AEW).

This bout has been teased over the years in both WWE and AEW, with the battle of the giants being a much requested match by fans.

This match has yet to take place, but after Shaq’s incredible match with Cody Rhodes in AEW, it seems more and more likely Shaq vs Big Show could finally take place.

Shaq Teases Wrestling Match vs Paul Wight

NBA Hall of Famer Shaq has once against teased a match against Paul Wight (The Big Show), getting fans excited about this clash between titans.

The two giants have never wrestled one-on-one, although that match has been teased ever since Shaq was the guest host of Raw back in 2009.

Shaq wrestled one match in AEW so far, teaming up with a debuting Jade Cargill to take on the duo of Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Cargill and Shaq picked up the win when she pinned Red Velvet, after Cody Rhodes put Shaq through two tables, in one of the biggest bumps in AEW history.

After escaping from the ambulance after the match, fans have been wondering when Shaq would return for another match.

Well, so has Shaq, who recently teased a match against WWE and AEW legend The Big Show, years after last stepping into the ring.

Speaking with PopCulture, Shaq claimed that he was training for a match against Big Show, and looked forward to taking on the giant in AEW in the near future.

“I hear Paul Wight’s still talking trash, so I’m going to work out really hard this summer, and maybe we could do something very, very soon. Last time it was due out of bureaucracy and red tape, now there is no red tape. So, I’m going to go on because I’m still kind of sore from the table, so I’m going to go for it this summer, pump these muscles up here. I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. Paul.”

Shaq also challenged The Big Show to a tag team match, with Shaq and The Diamond Sheik taking on Paul Wight and a partner of his choosing.

However, this match seems unlikely to happen, with a singles match being much more likely in the future between Paul Wight and Shaq.

“Cody, whoever else wants it, Big Show. As a matter of fact, oh no, he’s in LA. Tell you what, Diamond Sheik and Shaq vs. Big Show and whoever else you want. Let’s go, AEW,” he later added.

Why Didn’t Shaq vs Big Show Didn’t Happen In WWE?

Shaq vs Big Show was teased numerous times over the years in the WWE, but the clash between the giants never managed to come to fruition.

The closest WWE got to a match between the basketball and wrestling legends was when they both appeared in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32.

Shaq was a shock entrant into the match, and brawled with the Big Show before both men were tossed out by the other 28 men in the match.

A singles match was announced to take place one year later, but then WrestleMania 33 came and went without the coveted Big Show vs Shaq match taking place.

Big Show (now known as Paul Wight in AEW) revealed why the match never took place – citing communication issues, as well as Shaq’s busy schedule, as the biggest factors in the match never happening.

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Big Show said about the now-cancelled match with Shaq in the WWE.

“It got very close to happening. I think we dropped the ball a little bit on communication.

Shaq’s a real busy dude, he’s got a lot going on, a lot of brands. I think the biggest thing was aligning WWE and Shaq for what WWE’s vision was of the match they wanted us to have.

Around WrestleMania season it’s usually a tough time for Shaq because there’s basketball going on and a lot of things that occupy his time.”

However, Shaq was asked by ComicBook.Com about the match, claiming that “Bureaucracy and red tape” were the reasons why he never wrestled Big Show in the WWE.

Last time it was due out of bureaucracy and red tape, now there is no red tape.

Shaq on why a match with Big Show (Paul Wight) never happened.

With both men having wrestled in AEW in recent years, it seems only a matter of time before Shaq vs Paul Wight happens in an All Elite Wrestling ring.

This clash of the giants could be a huge spectacle match, and would surely have to take place on a huge pay per view – although due to his lack of popularity in the UK, Shaq’s second match would not be a good for All In 2024 at Wembley Stadium.

Would you like to see Big Show vs Shaq in All Elite Wrestling? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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