Ted DiBiase Shoots On Hulk Hogan Match At Madison Square Garden

Ted DiBiase has spoken about his matches with Hulk Hogan at Madison Square Garden, revealing the generosity of Hogan back in the day.

The former WWE Champion (well, sort of) is a WWE Hall of Famer and a legend of the business, and at one time was a close friend of Hogan.

Ted DiBiase claims to have wrestled against Hulk Hogan, in Hogan’s first match ever at Madison Square Garden.

This later became a “home away from home” for The Hulkster, who sold out the Garden numerous times as the WWF Champion.

Later on in their career, Hulk Hogan paid DiBiase back for putting him over “big time”, something many people may not expect from the WWE Hall of Famer.

Everybody’s Got A Pod” show, Ted DiBiase spoke about wrestling Hulk Hogan at Madison Sqaure Garden, and how Hogan shockingly repaid his generosity years later.

“Once he and I — I may have stated this before, but I had Hulk’s first match at Madison Square Garden. The first time he wrestled in Madison Square Garden, he wrestled me.

And I put him over big time, because I knew they were gonna get him over. And so years later, after he gets to be a big star, and when this new meeting with Vince came along, and I’m gonna come back.

I remember him coming to me and saying, ‘I told you before, but I owe you one.’ And was kinda like, he’s gonna make sure that I’m one of the guys he works with.

“So, we’ve always had a great relationship. It was funny, I mean I walked into the dressing room, he shook my hand and said, ‘It’s payback time. Here we go.’ So that’s all I needed to hear.”

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