The Undertaker Claims Ultimate Warrior Couldn’t Breathe During Their Matches

WWE legend The Undertaker has revealed just how hard it was to work a match against The Ultimate Warrior.

The pair never had a pay per view match, but wrestled many times on house shows and live events (which we’ll go more into later in this article).

However, The Deadman had very few positive things to say about Warrior’s wrestling ability, despite his innate charism and incredible bizarre promo style.

While speaking on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, The Undertaker was asked about The Ultimate Warrior and what it was like wrestling him.

He claimed the former WWE Champion would get out of breath running down to the ring at full speed before the match, which contributed to him struggle to wrestle longer than t minutes in a match.

“No, no. I wrestled Warrior quite a bit when I first came up [to WWE]. Warrior was so high strung, he’d always run down to the ring full speed, bouncing around, but the thing was, after he did that he was gassed. He was blown up. He couldn’t hardly breathe.”

“He [The Ultimate Warrior] was good for about 10 minutes and then you didn’t know what you were gonna get,” The Undertaker continued. “He was turning purple. There was a little oxygen depletion going on there. He was so big and strong.”

The Undertaker on wrestling The Ultimate Warrior.

The Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker wrestled Ultimate Warrior multiple times in the WWE, put their matches were never put on television.

WWE booked The Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior a total of 63 times in 1991. This would imply that they were building toward a pay per view match between the two, but that Vince McMahon failed to pull the trigger on the bout.

It likely speaks more to the poor quality of the matches, more than anything else. It seems likely (based on The Undertaker’s previous testimony) that Warrior simply couldn’t work a passable match.

In the 63 Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior matches in 1991, The Ultimate Warrior won every single won.

He has a 63-0 record over The Undertaker – likely having the best record of any wrestler over The Deadman. Sadly, all of these matches were on house shows or dark TV tapings, meaning, and most were fought as Casket or Body Bag matches.

Luckily for fans of either man, WWE managed to release football of their August 19, 1991 match from the WWE Superstars taping from the Rochester Community War Memorial in Rochester, New York.

You already know that The Ultimate Warrior would pick up the win, but you can view some footage from the only released Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior match below.

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