World of Sport Needs To Sign These Wrestlers In 2023

After failed reboots in 2013 and 2016, it seems like a return to the glory days of British wrestling are gone.

ITV only commissioned one series of World of Sport, and despite stars like Will Ospreay, Grado and The British Bulldog taking part, it did not receive a second.

This has left fans wanting for a weekly TV series showcasing the best of British wrestling. ITV already show the American “All Elite Wrestling”, but it lacks the quintessential Britishness that was evident in the original series (and I don’t mean a lack of “Big Daddy” types).

Grado during the World of Sport Wrestling reboot in 2016.

However, with rumors of another reboot coming in 2023, we will be looking at a way to make the new World of Sport Wrestling show a success again, continuing the momentum created by AEW’s All In show at Wembley Stadium this year.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the wrestlers who will need to be signed to help make this new World of Sport as a success.

This will require the top names in British wrestling, as well as some stars to build toward in the future.

Obviously, some wrestlers will be out of reach at the start. Signing talent like Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr and Drew McIntyre will be impossible, given their hefty contracts with NJPW and WWE.

Will Ospreay wrestled Chris Jericho in front of 81,035 fans at AEW All In, at Wembley Stadium.

You may build up to them one day, but at the start you’ll need to find some British talent who will want to work in the UK, for a much less popular company for a fraction of the price.


One of the names who appeared in the 2018 World of Sport series and will be needed to join the show is Grado.

The Scottish wrestler recently appeared in front 81,035 fans at Wembley Stadium, making a shock appearance at AEW All In London.

He is one of the most popular British wrestlers today, appearing both in the wrestling and on TV sitcom Two Doors Down.

Grado is also a former World of Sport Heavyweight Champion, winning the title on the pilot episode of the show in 2016.

Joe Hendry

Another top name in Scottish wrestling is “The Local Hero” Joe Hendry.

Having wrestled in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor, Hendry has great experience working for a TV show, and shows all the potential of being a big star in World of Sport in 2023.

He has shown great skills in the ring, even standing toe-to-toe with the legendary Kurt Angle during their sole match in WCPW.

Hendry is also known for his incredible musical ability. He hilariously parodies various songs to make fun of his opponents, adding an extra dimension to his character that the ITV audience will love.

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

Welsh Superstar Mark Andrews has been on a tear recently, and would be a huge addition to the World of Sport (2023) roster.

He can wrestle as a singles or a tag team wrestler, performing as a star in both disciplines. Most recently, he has won tag team titles around the UK and in the USA, indicating where his future may lie.

Mark Andrews is one of the best Welsh wrestlers of all time, and his high-flying and exciting style would help bring more eyes to the show, both Welsh and non-Welsh alike.

You can add his Subculture partner Flash Morgan Webster as well to the roster. While Andrews is much more popular, they can excel as a tag team (as they have in their tag team title reign in Impact Wrestling).

Michael Oku

Current RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship recently made a cameo appearance at AEW All In, and could make the step-up to World of Sport if the reboot is successful.

The English wrestler beat Great-O-Khan to win the title for the first time in his career, following some incredible matches on his rise to the main event.

With matches against Will Ospreay, Luke Jacobs and Aussie Open, he has proved himself to be one of the best wrestlers in the UK today.

OJMO would be a huge get for World of Sport, and could be the man to build a company around for years to come.

Ricky Knight Jr

The youngest of the Knight family and younger brother of Saraya (formerly Paige in the WWE), Ricky Knight Jr has a lot to like up to.

However, he seems to be doing just that, and could be the main to see WOS move from 2023 and beyond.

Ricky Knight Jr showed his worth earlier this year when he defeated Will Ospreay to win the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship, even though he is still only in his 20s.

He has the world of potential at his feet, and would be the biggest young English star that could be signed to World of Sport in the future.

Which British stars would you like to see on a World of Sport Wrestling reboot? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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