Trent Beretta Hilarious Shouts At Prince Nana At All Out

Hamish Woodward

Trent Beretta said some choice words to Prince Nana at All Out, in one of the funniest AEW moments of all time.

Trent and his Best Freinds, Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander have had some of the funniest moments in AEW history.

This included when they tried to use a chainsaw to win a match, but Trent Beretta may have surpassed that during a match at All Out 2023.

During the final-six showdown at the end of the Battle Royal, Trent Beretta lined up in the ring alongside Adam Page and Action Andretti.

They took sides against the three heels in the match, which included Kyle Fletcher and Mogul Embassy’s Toa Liona and Brian Cage.

The Mogul Embassy’s manager, Prince Nana, was at ringside and was shouting instructions into the ring at his team, as well as trying to put off their opponents.

Trent Beretta was annoyed by this, who hilarious shouted down the manager with some choice language while in the ring.

As Trent, Hangmana and Andretti stared down Cage, Liona and Fletcher, Trent grew tired of Nana, pointing to him and yelling at the top of his lungs “Shut the f*** up Nana! Shut the f*** up Nana!”.

The pair go back years together, so it was clearly an in-character confrontation. However, it was still hilarious.

Adam Page went on to win the match, with Trent coming fourth in the battle roya

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