Triple H: Rey Mysterio “Put Lucha On The Map”

Triple H has left a glowing reference of Rey Mysterio‘s character to the press, after his match at WrestleMania 39.

The newly minted-WWE Hall of Famer took on Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39, in one of the few Father vs Son matches in WWE history.

The bought featured interference from the Mysterio family, Judgement Day, the LWO and Bad Bunny, but it was Rey Mysterio who picked up the win over his son, pinning him after a 619 and Frog Splash.

Triple H on Rey Mysterio

WWE Head of Creative Triple H was full of praise for Rey Mysterio, following his win over Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania.

The WWE legend called the Lucha legend “the best human being”, and stated that he couldn’t be happier for him for getting to step into the ring with his son on such a huge stage.

Speaking to journalists in the WrestleMania 39: Night 1 post show press conference, Triple H had this to say about Rey Mysterio.

“Rey [Mysterio], who was just out here, I just can’t say enough about, you know, um Rey’s just as a human being, just the best.

And to see, knowing him for this long, knowing his family, his kids, his wife, to see all of this and to see him have the opportunity to go in the Hall of Fame on the same weekend that he gets to wrestle his son [Dominik Mysterio] in front of 80,000 people at WrestleMania in this epic storyline, um, man, I can’t, I just can’t be happier for him.”

He then went on to agree with Konnan, who inducted Rey into the Hall of Fame the night before, in stating they “Rey [Mysterio] put Lucha [Libre] on the map”.

Mysterio’s work in WCW and ECW helped make Mexican wrestling mainstream in the United States, and he is rightly cited as one of the most influential wrestlers in WWE history.

You know he’s such a great guy, and it’s so well-deserved. Then, as Konnan said so eloquently last night, just Rey put Lucha on the map, and um, there’s nobody more deserving of being in that Hall of Fame than him.

So, it was just a special moment, and um, you know, as he mentioned coming out to Snoop and with Eddie’s music, it’s just all of it was just so meaningful.”

Please credit BT Sports for the interview, and HT to Atletifo for the transcription

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