Brock Lesnar vs Batista

Brock Lesnar vs Batista Was WWE’s Biggest Missed Opportunity

Hamish Woodward

Two of the biggest stars of the mid 2000s in the WWE never stepped inside the ring together. It seems ...

batista last match

Batista’s Last Match In WWE Was “Too Far” According To Avengers Star

Hamish Woodward

Batista vs Triple H was Batista’s last match in WWE, and despite interest from AEW, his entire career. He is ...

batista vs undertaker

Undertaker reveals Batista had “Chip on his Shoulder” over Wrestlemania Main Event

Hamish Woodward

The rivalry between Undertaker and Batista helped make Smackdown in the late 2000s the premier show in WWE. Alongside other ...

Finlay Last Match

On This Day: Irish Legend Finlay’s Last Match In WWE

Hamish Woodward

12 Years ago today, WWE Legend Finlay wrestled his last match on TV for the WWE. He has had a ...

Wardlow and Batista comparisons continue as Wardlow comments

Stewart Harper

Wardlow and Batista have drawn comparisons in recent months, as Wardlow’s storyline as MJF’s hired goon draws similarities to Batista’s ...

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