Dynamite kid

The worst things Dynamite Kid ever did during his wrestling career

Hamish Woodward

Dynamite Kid, celebrated for his in-ring prowess, also left behind a trail of controversy and regret. As we delve into ...

Shawn Michaels On Advice Dynamite Kid Gave Him Before Leaving WWE

Hamish Woodward

Shawn Michaels has revealed the advice that the late-Dynamite Kid gave him when the pair crossed paths in the WWE. ...

The Dynamite Kid’s Last Match Was A Sad End To A Great Career

Hamish Woodward

There are few wrestlers in history as influential, yet controversial,as Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington. From his incredible matches and blisteringly-paced ...

The Death Of Dynamite Kid Was A Sad, Inevitable End

Hamish Woodward

It has been five-years since The Dynamite Kid‘s death, and the world still mourns the loss of one of the ...

What was Bret Hart’s First Match? (Bret Hart WWE Debut?)

Hamish Woodward

Bret Hart is one of the greatest WWF Champions of all time. He is still regarded as one of the ...

Billington Bulldogs

MLW Sign Dynamite Kid’s Nephews – The Billington Bulldogs

Hamish Woodward

Major League Wrestling have announced a new signing to add to their roster, as they bring British Wrestling Royalty to ...

best technical wrestlers of all time

Ranking the Top 10 Best Technical Wrestlers Of All Time

Hamish Woodward

Who do you think will be ranked number one on the list of the best technical wrestlers of all time? ...

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