AEW Revolution 2022 Star Ratings Revealed – 5 Star Matches Revealed?

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AEW Revolution 2022 match ratings

AEW Revolution 2022 is in the books and the match ratings for the event is in the books. Look at both and Dave Meltzer’s ratings in the Wrestling Observer, we will look at the AEW Revolution match ratings and see if any of the matches managed to that famous five star match ratings.

This week, AEW Revolution 2022 took place on the 6th of March 2022, and was ranked as one of the best pay per views of the year. On, it has been ranked as the third highest ranked AEW PPV of all time, with an average user rating of 8.95. This is only behind AEW Double or Nothing 2019 (AEW’s first ever show) and AEW All Out 2021 (Which featured the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson).

While the show was ranked incredibly highly, we will also look at the individual match ratings for AEW Revolution 2022.

NOTE: The Dave Meltzer scale is broadly on the five star scale, although some matches can be rated above five stars. The score is rated on an average, and is out of 10.

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AEW Revolution 2022 Ratings

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston

Cagematch Rating – 8.26

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 4.75

In the opening bout of AEW Revolution 2022, Eddie Kingston defeated Chris Jericho in one of the matches of the night. Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho looked in incredible shape for his match against the man he deemed a “failure”, and vowed to shake Kingston’s hand if he were to beat Y2J at the event.

In a match clearly inspired by All Japan Pro Wrestling bouts from the 1990s, Kingston managed to make Chris Jericho tap out using the Stretch Plum submission move, after two thunderous spinning back fists knocked the Demo God down for the count.

The match was rated 8.26 by Cagematch, whilst Dave Meltzer rated the match at 4.75 stars, just shy of the five star rating.

Jurassic Express vs The Young Bucks vs reDRagon

Cagematch Rating – 8.49

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 4.75

The second match on the AEW Revolution card was the three way tag team match for the AEW Tag Team Championships. Current title holders Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) defended their belts against reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) and the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson), both teams being members of The Elite.

The match was as fast paced a match as you’ll see, with absolutely no signs in stopping. Jungle Boy worked the vast majority of the match, showing his incredible stamina and just how he has grown as a wrestler in the past three years in AEW.

Jungle Boy got the win for his team against the two infighting Elite teams. It was a big win for Jurassic Express and thoroughly deserved the high match rating it got from

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Cagematch Rating – 7.47

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 3.75

This AEW ladder match was lacking the surprise “joker card”, but did not stop all six men putting in their best efforts to try and become the number one contender to the TNT Championship.

With big stars like Orange Cassidy and Christian Cage mixing in with the likes of Will Hobbs and Ricky Starks, it was one of the most balanced ladder matches AEW have done and helped make all the men in the match look good, even in defeat.

It was Wardlow who eventually picked up the win and earned himself a title shot for 2 weeks later on Dynamite. He would appear later on in the show, making an appearance in the MJF vs CM Punk match.

Jade Cargill vs Tay Conti

Cagematch Rating – 5.27

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 2.25

Despite having much less hype behind it, Jade Cargill vs Tay Conti outshine the AEW Women’s Championship match by far.

Tay Conti has quietly built herself into one of the best workers in the AEW Women’s Division, whilst the rookie TBS Champion Jade Cargill is visibly improving with every match she had. She sold well and made Conti look like a real threat, although she picked up the win in the end as expected.

Tay Conti will feel hard done by, as she performed excellently and in my book deserves a run with one of the two women’s championships in AEW. The match only rated at a 5.27 on Cagematch, one of the lowest AEW Revolution 2022 ratings, but for me it was one of the best women’s matches AEW have done (sans hardcore-style matches).

CM Punk vs MJF

Cagematch Rating – 9.11

Dave Meltzer’s Rating -4.75

The most anticipated match on the AEW Revolution 2022 card was MJF vs CM Punk, and it lived up to the hype with a brutal and bloody encounter filled with twists, turns and raw emotions.

The match ratings speak for themselves. It was the best match on the show (although you could argue for Danielson vs Moxley) and was one of the most heated feuds AEW has ever produced. MJF came out with a murderous look on his face we’d never seen before, whilst CM Punk traded in his usual entrance and attire for a pleasing Ring of Honor throwback.

The pair grappled furiously whilst tethered together by a chain tied a collar around each of their necks. Huge bumps and a huge amount of blood helped make it a match to remember, while future TNT Champion Wardlow turned on MJF to help CM Punk win the match and become one of the top faces on AEW.

The match absolutely deserved the high rating it got. It was the highest AEW Revolution 2022 match rating on Cagematch, whilst Dave Meltzer awarded it a 4.75. It just missed out on the five star rating which many think that it deserves.

Dr Britt Baker DMD vs Thunder Rosa

AEW Women's Championship Preview: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs Thunder Rosa |  AEW Revolution, 3/6/22 - YouTube

Cagematch Rating – 4.56

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 3.25

One of the most highly anticipated matches of the night turned out to be the biggest disappointment. When the women’s world championship is overshadowed by the secondary belt, you know this match had issues.

Britt Baker defeated Thunder Rosa after an obnoxious amount of interference from both Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Thunder Rosa fought off all three women, with her recent ally Mercedes Martinez nowhere to be seen.

Baker’s title reign has gotten stale and it feels as if she has regressed in the ring. Both women seemed to have no chemistry together and put on a bad match that couldn’t be further away from their five star match almost exactly one year ago today.

It was the right time for Baker to lose the AEW Women’s Championship, but for some reason she holds on. Lets hope Rosa wins it in two weeks so we don’t have to watch Britt Baker hold the women’s division hostage anymore.

Jon Moxley vs Bryan Danielson

Cagematch Rating – 8.78

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 4.75

You just knew that when these two men stepped into the ring, it would be a fight.

And it was. But between the blood and the fighting was a technical classic that showcased what everyone knew Bryan Danielson could do and what Jon Moxley had kept in his locker for just this occasion.

The match was a combination of big strikes and huge neck bumps from dangerous looking suplexes. Danielson dominated the majority of the match, but Jon Moxley would simply not stay down and begged him for more punishment.

A big hit tore a gash in the head of Moxley, which covered himself, Danielson and the ring. After a hard fought match, Moxley countered a Danielson submission to steal a pinfall victory over the former WWE Champion.

The pair brawled after the match but were interrupted by William Regal, making his AEW debut. He forced the pair to shake hands, seemingly confirming the Moxley/Danielson tag team led by Regal going into the future of AEW.

A hard hitting match filled with surprises deserved the match ratings that it got from both fans and Dave Meltzer. For me, it was the match of the night.

Sting, Darby Allin & Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy, Andrade & Isiah Cassidy

Cagematch Rating – 7.33

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 4.00

Despite everyone seeing this as the filler between the two biggest matches on the card, this six man tag match was one of the highlights of the show.

All six men, including a 62 year old Sting, fought a brutal and fast paced match filled with weaponry, chair shots and trashcans to the head that wouldn’t look out of place in ECW.

The highlight was undoubtedly seeing Sting jump off a balcony onto Isiah Cassidy, crashing through at least 4 tables below.

Adam Page vs Adam Cole

Cagematch Rating – 8.55

Dave Meltzer’s Rating – 4.5

In a match with a build that seemed almost anticlimactic, the two Adam’s battled to a good match in the main event of AEW Revolution 2022.

The pair pulled out all the stops as they pulled out one of the highest AEW Revolution match ratings on the show and showed just why they are two of the top stars of the next generation in AEW.

Adam Page won the match with a shining wizard followed by a Buckshot Lariat, winning despite interference from reDRagon. He was saved by the Dark Order and went on to retain his AEW Championship in a good match that was one of the weaker AEW main events in recent PPV’s.

It achieved a rating of 8.55 from, while Dave Meltzer rated it highly with a 4.5 rating. It was higher than I would have rated it, as I felt the match was disappointing after an equally disappointing build.

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