The House of Black are the most disturbing team in AEW

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The House of Black have become one of AEW’s most frightening and disturbing factions in the promotions history. Led by the mysterious Malakai Black, the group made a huge splash with each of their respective debuts.

The House of Black have the chance to be a huge part of the AEW roster, but who are The House of Black? Keep reading to learn about who is in the House of Block and how they fit into the landscape of AEW.

Also, see how Malakai Black could fit into the main event scene.

House of Black

The House of Black is currently a heel faction in AEW, and have slowly started to build up their numbers since 2021, as they add more and more new members to the their ranks. They are currently comprised of three members, with a fourth member soon likely to be added.

The House of Black’s current members in AEW are:

  • Malakai Black – He is the leader of the group and the titular member of the House of Black. He is the patriarch of the house and seen as a religious leader-type to the group. He has had some high profile feuds in AEW prior to the House of Black joining him, including against Cody Rhodes and PAC.
  • Brody King – The first Disciple of the House of Black is Brody King. Formerly a member of Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprise in ROH, he signed to AEW in January 2022, immediately attaching himself to Malakai Black and the House of Black. He and Black teamed together as The Kings of the Black Throne, winning the PWG Tag Team Championships in 2022.
  • Buddy Matthews – The latest member to join AEW and House of Black is former WWE star Buddy Murphy. Now known as Buddy Matthews, the Aussie grappler is the third addition to group, after he made his debut on the February 23 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite. He was revealed as the House of Black’s newest disciple, and has teamed with Black and King on numerous occasions.

The House of Black do look set to add more AEW talent to their ranks, however. One member who has long been rumoured to be joining the group is Varsity Blondes star Julia Hart. Hart was hit by Malakai Black’s Black Mist some months ago, and has been suffering with eye injuries ever since that has caused her wear an eye patch to cover a growing black infection in her eye, similar to the one on Malakai Black’s face.

She looks set to join up with the trio and leave the Varsity Blondes in the near future, with her heelish tendencies coming out in a recent loss to Hikaru Shida.


The House of Black look set to become one of the top factions in AEW. Malakai Black has the potential to be an AEW Champion in the future, with a feud against Adam Page exciting fans who knew the leader of the house as the incredible Alaistair Black in WWE.

He can also slot into the tag team division with Brody King, and chase the tag team championships as the Kings of the Black Throne. The pair have shown great understanding in the ring, working together to inflict as much injury as they possibly can on their opponents.

Adding Buddy Matthews to the group gives them a different dynamic, and someone who can take on the lower-end wrestlers for the group. A TNT Championship run is not out of the question for the Australian wrestler, who showed on 205 Live just how good he could be in the ring (albeit as a poor impression of Kenny Omega).

The House of Black have a huge future in AEW, and Malakai Black can use his influence to help catapult his followers into the main event scene of AEW, if he uses the full power of his black mist.

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