Jon Moxley WILL Wrestle For GCW Again, Says Owner

Hamish Woodward

Jon Moxley Salary

AEW Champion Jon Moxley signed a new contract recently with All Elite Wrestling. It was announced this week that he penned a new 5 year deal with Tony Khan’s promotion with a number of clauses stipulating his future in wrestling.

Rumours dictated that this new deal would prohibit Moxley from working any independent dates going forward – including Game Changer Wrestling. He recently dropped the GCW Championship to Nick Gage, ending their multi-month rivalry and seemingly ending his run in the promotion. While his deal does let him work matches in New Japan Pro Wrestling and select matches that are approved by AEW boss Tony Khan, many thought that he would be banned from wrestling for GCW going forward.

However, Brett Lauderdale, the owner of GCW, thinks that the door is still open for Jon Moxley in GCW. He thinks that the former GCW is always welcome in the promotion and hopes that he will still wrestle some matches for the company – albeit much less frequently that he has in the past.

Speaking to The Business of the Business, Lauderdale stated;

“I don’t think we’ll see him as frequently, but I do think we’ll see him again. I think if there comes a time where there’s somebody he wants to wrestle or a show he wants to be a part of, I think he’ll be there. I think he’ll let me know in much the same way that he’s let me know … he’ll shoot me a text and say, ‘What do you have coming up in this month? Or when are you going to be in this place?’ … I’ll continue to look at it as a bonus anytime he comes around.”

“He’s not doing it for the money. This guy does not need money from indie wrestling companies, and I can’t pay anything close to what he probably gets paid on a weekly basis from AEW – nor would he ever expect that or ask for that. He’s just here because there’s a side of him that still loves indie wrestling – that’s where he came from and it’s part of his personality. There’s a reason why he has done so many shows for us and why he felt it was cool. He’s been our champion for over a year, and that’s because I think he respects us and what we do and what we stand for.”

Jon Moxley’s most recent match for GCW was the “title vs career” match at GCW Fight Club 2022. Nick Gage defeated Moxley to save his career and win back the championship thanks the interference from MJF’s stable “The Firm”, to further their AEW Championship feud which has been brewing on AEW Dynamite,

MJF vs Jon Moxley is taking place at AEW Full Gear 2022. That match will be the main event and will be for the AEW Championship.

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