How Much Money Does Jon Moxley Make In AEW?

Jon Moxley is said to be one of the highest paid wrestlers in AEW. The three time AEW Champion is probably the promotions biggest star at the moment and has carried the main event scene during the continued absence of CM Punk due to multiple injuries.

He has proven to everyone that he earns every penny he makes, with his incredible performances both in the ring and on the microphone, as part of the incredible Blackpool Combat Club.

But how much does Jon Moxley make in AEW? We look at his AEW salary and how it compares to other top stars in the company.

How Much Does Jon Moxley Make?

Jon Moxley makes $6 million per year wrestling for AEW, according to reports. This would put him as the top earner in AEW, with CM Punk and Chris Jericho ($3 million a year each) coming up behind him in second place on the top AEW earners list.

Moxley was among to the top earners in AEW as soon as he debuted at Double or Nothing 2019. However, at the time it was known that Chris Jericho was the highest paid wrestler in the company. As the biggest star and the first AEW Champion, he helped bring many eyes to the product and earned every penny of his reported $3 million a year wages.

However, he signed a new contract with AEW earlier this year which bumped his wages up to being the highest paid figure in the company. However, the oft-reported $6 million a year figure has not been confirmed by anyone in the company, but is the best estimate that we have to go on.

This was a huge raise from his contract in WWE, although money was not the reason Jon Moxley left WWE. It was the behind the scenes work that left him exasperated and depressed that forced his exit, with Vince McMahon’s poor booking and inflexibility being the biggest reason for his exit.

If the $6 million salary was not enough, Jon Moxley also supplements his income by wrestling outside of AEW. He has wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling since his exit from WWE in 2019, becoming a multiple time IWGP United States Champion in the promotion.

He has also taken bookings for upstart company Game Changer Wrestling. The company is now the premier destination for all lovers of hardcore wrestling, with the emphasis on matches that became famous in the old ECW shows being the main selling point for the promotion.

He is currently the GCW World Champion, having beating Matt Cardona for the championship last year. He has held the title for over a year now, with Jon Moxley vs Nick Gage for the belt coming soon in a championship vs career match.

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