Kenny Omega reveals he could retire due to injury setbacks

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kenny omega retires

Kenny Omega has revealed that another setback in his rehab could cause him to retire, the AEW star has revealed in a recent Twitch Stream.

The former AEW Champion hasn’t wrestled since Full Gear 2021 where he ended a near year-long AEW Championship reign when he was defeated by Hangman Adam Page in the main event.

Kenny Omega could retire in the near future due to his injuries, the Canadian revealed in a recent video posted to his personal social media.

Kenny Omega retire

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In a recent Twitch stream, Kenny Omega reveals his injuries could cause him to retire, if his rehab hit’s another setback. The former AEW Champion has been out of action since last November and could face up to a year out the ring due to mounting injuries reeking havoc on his body.

In an online stream, Kenny Omega said;

“Look, I… if I get another major setback, that’s it. I’m done. Because I can’t do this ever again. It’s like two times, three times a day, really painful rehab. And without even knowing what’s it going to be like once I get back in the ring. I have no clue. It’s scary actually,”

However. later in the stream he clarified that he is looking forward to the ring. Omega revealed that he would love to focus on more story-driven wrestling, such as the year-long storyline he had with former tag team partner Adam Page.

Kenny Omega Forbidden Door

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Omega also recently revealed that he wanted to take part in the Forbidden Door pay per view, but was concious of taking a spot away from another wrestler. He was excited to mix it up with NJPW talent, of whom he has not wrestled since leaving in 2019 to join AEW.

Speaking to Fightful Select, Kenny Omega said about Forbidden dOOR

“My timetable, before all of this started, I wanted to be back for [Forbidden Door],” Omega said. “Being back for this show was incredibly important to me and I really wanted to mix it up with somebody from New Japan, and it sucks that I couldn’t do it.”

“It’s to the point where I want to be on this show even if it’s just to do commentary. I just want involvement, but I’m not there yet. I don’t want to take a spot from anybody. I don’t want to put a spotlight on myself when it’s not going to lead to anything. I’m definitely cool to sit and cheer on the sidelines for everyone to go out there and kill it and have a great show.”

Kenny Omega did not appear at Forbidden Door and is still absent from AEW television.

One reddit user also revealed that Omega revealed that the 2016 G1 Climax “took a year off his career” and that he has put his body on the line numerous time to entertain literally millions of wrestling fans across the globe.

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