Who is Jay White’s opponent for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door?

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AEW’s joint show with NJPW is happening on 26th June 2022, and one star that fans want to know about is Jay White.

Jay White announced Forbidden Door during an episode of AEW Dynamite, hyping up his allegiances to both The Elite and Bullet Club. He was the man front and centre of the announcement and looks to have a prominent position on the card as one of the main event stars on NJPW.

As Jay White was such a prominent member of the announcement for Forbidden Door, fans have been speculating who he could face in a match at the show.

CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi is already announced for the show, whilst Adam Page vs Kazuchika Okada is heavily rumoured to be taking place. This puts these men out of the running, but here are a few wrestlers that we could see facing Jay White at Forbidden Door.

Jay White Forbidden Door

Adam Page

why is adam page called hangman

Despite reports of Adam Page facing IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada at Forbidden Door, nothing has yet to be confirmed for the former AEW Champion at the show.

This still leaves the former Bullet Club member to get booked into a match with its current leader. Adam Page vs Jay White is not a dream match most think of when thinking of Forbidden Door, but with both men at the top of their game in the ring it would surely be an incredible match up.

They could play into the history of Bullet Club. Adam Page who was the “former job guy” of Bullet Club taking on the new leader who has achieved more in NJPW than Page could dream of. It would be a compelling match between two top talents perfect for AEW vs NJPW Forbidden Door.

Wheeler Yuta

A rematch from their NJPW-Strong showing last month would be a fine addition to the Forbidden Door pay per view for Jay White.

Wheeler Yuta is one of the fastest rising stars in wrestling and looked good as he battled other NJPW stars in this years Best of the Super Juniors. He did not win the tournament, but gained experienced in Japan and may have even impressed NJPW higher ups and, most crucially, Jay White.

Whilst Wheeler Yuta is currently a member of the Blackpool Combat Club, if Jay White wants to recruit him for Bullet Club he will have to show him in the ring how tough he is, just like Jon Moxley did when he battled Yuta.

While the match would be a step down from the Adam Page match, it would still tell a fantastic story and would be the chance for Jay White to make a brand-new star in NJPW in one night at Forbidden Door.

Bryan Danielson

No list of dream matches would be complete without Bryan Danielson.

As the greatest wrestler in the world (maybe of all time), he could step into the ring with anyone in the NJPW locker room and have a match of the year candidate without breaking a sweat.

However, this sounds like he needs taking down a peg, which is exactly what Jay White is best at. Everything Danielson does, White can find a counter for. Jay White is also a top wrestler in the world and he showed many times that he can hang with anyone in the world.

Bryan Danielson vs Jay White at Forbidden Door would be as close to a perfect match as you’ll ever get.

Kenny Omega

kenny omega last njpw match

The wildcard entry on this list has to be a match that would blow most others out of the water. If Jay White vs Kenny Omega was revealed as Jay White’s Forbidden Door match it could provide us with one of the greatest matches of all time, should they be given adequate time.

Both men’s careers have parallels. Both came to Japan to hone their craft and live their dream as a pro-wrestling (Kenny Omega from Canada and Jay White from New Zealand). Both were Gaijans who rose to the top of NJPW and won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

And most important, both are former leaders of the Bullet Club. Jay White ousted Kenny Omega as the leader of Bullet Club and started his journey to become a top star in NJPW. Kenny Omega is already a legend of the promotion and match back against Jay White would no doubt be a worthy return for one of the all-time greats.

The one issue with this match taking place is Kenny Omega’s injury. Fans are still awaiting Kenny Omega’s AEW return after a number of injuries have kept him side-lined since November 2021. It is unknown if he will be fit for Forbidden Door, but if he is Jay White would be a perfect opponent for the best bout machine to face.

Who would you like to see Jay White face at Forbidden Door? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more.

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