MJF’s promo on Dynamite has blurred the lines between real and fake

All the wrestling world can talk about right now is the MJF promo on Dynamite. He came out in the first hour of the show and aired his grievances to a cheering AEW crowd.

The MJF situation has been unclear since Sunday, although all fans know that he wants to be paid for money and thinks he is worth more than he’s currently getting. This argument with Tony Khan almost made MJF miss Double or Nothing 2022, but the Long Island native turned up to work and took 1o powerbombs from Wardlow for his troubles.

The one thing fans love to talk and ask is “is it real?”. MJF has once again blurred the lines between real and fake in AEW and fans are loving going along with the ride.

MJF Promo Dynamite

MJF was given a live microphone for his promo on AEW Dynamite this week, and he took no prisoners and did not mince his words when talking about AEW President Tony Khan.

MJF’s Dynamite promo left nothing to the imagination as he screamed and yelled at Tony Khan, calling himself the “second highest minute-by-minute” ratings draw in the whole company (likely behind CM Punk) and lamented that he deserved to be made more, as much as the “ex-WWE guys” Tony Khan has been hiring a lot recently.

The promo ended on Dynamite with MJF saying to Khan that he “want you to fire me” and calling him a “f—ing mark” before having his microphone cut off. This reminded fans of CM Punk’s famous Pipebomb and could bring around an unlikely face turn for MJF.

Fans have been wondering since Sunday – is it real? Is the MJF situation real or are they blurring the lines between real and fake, and shoot and work? Its hard for fans to know.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claimed that he thinks that MJF missing the meet and greet was real, but the subsequent attacks on Tony Khan are a work between the two. He also theorised that MJF may have signed a new deal, based on what he is being allowed to do on AEW Dynamite like that promo but currently nothing has been confirmed.

Is MJF leaving AEW?

mjf wwe contract

It is currently unclear if MJF is leaving AEW. He has certainly spoken a lot about wanting to pit AEW and WWE against other in a bidding war for his deal. His contract is set to end on January 1st 2024 (if it has not since been extended behind the scenes) and MJF has shown no qualms in following his friend Cody Rhodes to WWE and leaving AEW high and dry.

Nobody knows if he will leave or not. AEW can likely match the money WWE would offer MJF, although it’s unknown if they would want to pay him even more money than former WWE stars like CM Punk.

Reports claim that Vince McMahon wants to sign MJF and will let him name his price once his deal is up in 2024. However, he will likely not get the creative freedom with his character that he does get in AEW, and promos like the one we saw MJF on AEW Dynamite will be a thing of the past if he signs for WWE.

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