MJF leaving AEW after walking out on Double or Nothing 2022?

EDIT: In a Friends Finale-like plot twist, Fightful have reported MJF did not get on the plane and is still in Las Vegas. His match with Wardlow is presumed to still be on and MJF is not leaving AEW Double or Nothing.

MJF’s AEW future could be in the balance after the young star seemingly walked out on AEW Double or Nothing 2022.

The Dynamite Diamond Ring holder is due to face Wardlow tonight at the PPV, but after reports of MJF leaving an AEW Meet and Greet, forcing it to be cancelled, his future seemed unclear.

Now it has been reported that a flight “out of Las Vegas” has been booked for MJF with it being unclear whether or not he will be at the show.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that MJF has a flight booking out of Las Vegas and has confirmed that he will report whether or not MJF boards that flight. This comes as a huge shock as MJF is one of the top stars in AEW and has been heavily featured in programs against top stars like Jon Moxley and CM Punk.

PWInsider reported that MJF missed his own meet and greet at the AEW FanFest, with no communication between MJF and AEW.

Communication between MJF and AEW is said to be at an “all time low” in recent months with the Long Island native said to be unhappy with his current AEW contract. However, it has been reported backstage that MJF has been “unprofessional” in his work and that seems to be the case based on his walk out before Double or Nothing 2022.

If MJF leaves AEW Double or Nothing, it is currently unknown what that would mean for his match booked against long-time partner and rival Wardlow.

MJF Leaving AEW

It would be a huge shame to see MJF leaving AEW after three very successful years in the company. MJF was practically unknown in the business when he made his debut at Double or Nothing 2019 and impressed the crowd with his performance in the Casino Battle Royale and on the microphone after the match.

He quickly established himself as one of the top young stars in the company. An early feud with Cody Rhodes established him as a top heel in the company, with MJF screwing Cody so that he could never challenge for the AEW Championship ever again.

MJF would move on to feuds with the likes of Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and Jungle Boy. He was always a featured star and given freedom on the microphone that he would never get in WWE (his supposed destination).

This was most evident in his 2022 feud with CM Punk, in which he spoke from the heart about his years of bullying in school that inspired him to be pro-wrestler, but CM Punk leaving WWE let him down and made him almost quit.

It seems he took more inspiration from Punk than he though as we see MJF leaving AEW as a possibility. This also draws parallels to the Sasha Banks leaving WWE situation, when her and Naomi walked out on Monday Night Raw just a few weeks back.

The loss of MJF would be huge for AEW and would mark the second big jump from AEW to WWE, after Cody Rhodes debuted in WWE at Wrestlemania. MJF would certainly be treated as a huge star in the company but would definitely not get the freedom on the microphone, or to treat the fans badly as a “heel” outside the ring, but the pay rise may be enough to sway him.

With reports of a bad attitude, stardom may have come too soon for MJF. At just 26 years of age, he has become a huge star in wrestling but maybe without the maturity that is needed to cope with it. He seems to have bought into his own hype, although Sean Ross Sapp says he is wary of this being a work, although to what gain I am not sure.

He reveals that at first, missing the Meet and Greet was not a work but could not say if it has not since turned into a work. We’ll keep you posted on any news about MJF leaving AEW right here on Atletifo.com

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