Vince McMahon set to offer HUGE WWE contract to MJF

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mjf wwe contract

MJF to WWE rumours are dominating the wrestling sphere despite a stellar AEW Double or Nothing show last week. MJF was defeated by Wardlow in a highly anticipated match, but it was MJF’s pre match antics that were the most talked about thing of the weekend.

MJF no showed a meet and greet and reportedly book a flight home before appearing at the show. He has long been unhappy with his AEW contract and has spoken about his desire to make as much money as possible, be that with AEW or WWE.

Both Tony Khan and Vince McMahon are admirers of the Long Island Native. MJF’s AEW contract is up in January 2024 and speculation has run rampant about where he will end up at the turn of the year.

While Tony Khan is happy to negotiate with MJF, so reportedly is Vince McMahon, and he is set to offer MJF a WWE contract with much, much more money than his current AEW deal.

MJF WWE Contract

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During a recent PWTorch audio show, Wade Keller revealed that behind the scenes officials in WWE have been discussing the current MJF situation at length.

MJF is a hot commodity in AEW and being only 26 he is one who can be the star of a company for the next 20 to 25 years. This has not gone unnoticed by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who is reportedly high on the young star and is set to pay out if MJF signs a WWE contract.

“A source within WWE with knowledge of MJF’s stature among top WWE management indicates MJF is coveted and would likely be given a lucrative contract offer. In fact, it’s more than one source giving me information that with a big overlap on this.”

“More than one source says that the treatment Cody has received by WWE on and off-air has given MJF a good impression of how he’d be featured in WWE if he were to make the jump. In other words, if Cody was buried or was given promises that were kept, maybe MJF would be handling this differently.”

Keller revealed that Cody Rhodes leaving AEW for WWE has given him a lot to think about. MJF to WWE seemed farfetched in the past and it seemed like he would simply be treated as a “less famous Miz”.

However, seeing how his friend Cody Rhodes has been treated in the company has turned his head and has convinced him that he could be booked well in WWE should MJF make the jump to Vince McMahon’s company.


While he has never wrestled for WWE, MJF has at least appeared on some WWE media in the past.

He appeared in NXT on as one of Samoa Joe’s security guards for one of his entrances during his time as NXT Champion. He was shoved out of the way by the Samoan Submission Machine, something he later referenced during his time with AEW.

MJF also made an appearance as part of WWE’s Tough Enough show. While he did not make it onto the show, he was featured as one of the top applicants by WWE. Applying as “Maxwell Jacob Feinstein”, he cut an impassioned promo which showed glimpses of a yet-to-be fully formed MJF just staring out on his wrestling career.

However, if MJF signs for WWE he would certainly not be appearing on Tough Enough or NXT. He would go straight to the main roster and enter into a main event program with top stars like Cody Rhodes or Seth Rollins.

He could even take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns or have a dream match against legends like John Cena or Randy Orton.

Nobody knows if he will sign for WWE or stick with AEW, but the future looks bright for MJF and even Vince McMahon can’t deny it.

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